Monday, June 11, 2012

Changing the Life Bulb

I admit it takes a lot for me to make changes in my life. The issue itself doesn't matter- it's my refusal to accept change, at least at first. I have to shock myself with the idea of change, then fret over it, start making plans to change, then start making changes. 

It would have to be something dire for me to make an overnight transformation. For me, it might not be possible!

The bulb that is my lifestyle has been getting dimmer this past year. I've gotten myself into a rut, and I need to change that bulb to a brighter watt. But in order to change that bulb, I had to think outside the, bulb. What I was doing had worked before, but not now. I needed to go to the next level. Maybe you're like me and want to make changes too- you just don't know how. So I'll tell you.

You have to start from scratch.

What do I mean by that? Think of your life as a big, cluttered room. You need to clear out that room entirely (mentally of course) so you can see the lay of the land, and how the furniture (aka, the issues you need to deal with) can be rearranged. Then see if anything needs to be adjusted.

Issues like:

Physical clutter in your home and/or office
People who drain your energy
Changes in diet and/or exercise
Balancing Work/Play/Home Time

If you have something not listed here, write it down.

Once you've established what you want to change, you need to believe you can actually make those changes. I told myself for years I was going to diet and exercise, but until I committed to it and signed up at a gym so I'd be accountable to someone, I didn't lose any weight. The clutter in my home stayed right where it was until I got off my butt and organized it. 

Start small. But start. That's the most important thing. Things won't change overnight (unless your only issue is clutter and you stayed up all night cleaning), but they will change. And these changes, when done over time, will become habits. Start small, refine, then start something else until the list is done. Then remake that list and start over, because life changes as we change!

But it's not all unicorns and rainbows either. Severing toxic relationships can be hard if it's a family member or your boss. You might not be able to sever certain relationships if he/she is someone you deal with every day. But you can limit your contact or communications with him/her as much as possible. Do what is within your power.

Dieting is hard when others around you are enjoying foods you want, but know you'll overeat if you taste them. It's hard getting up to exercise when you hurt from yesterday's adventures at the gym. Life is hard. Change is hard. But not changing your life for the better is worse, because you stagnate. The bulb dims.

Which would you rather have your life resemble, a swamp or a bright, happy room? I know which one I want! Do you?


Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

Like your thoughts!

Beth Brubaker said...

@Carolyn aka Silkquilter

Thank you! :)

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