Monday, September 19, 2011

The Whodunit Family

We have gremlins. Not just any gremlins, but messy, maniacal house gremlins. Family Circus has named a couple of them- you know them as Ida Know and Not Me, but there are others, and I think they're using our house for a family reunion. I made raspberry punch for the occasion.

Let's go down the list, shall we?

There was Not Me and Ida Know's brother, Wasn't Me.
Daddy and Mommy Mighta Dunnit.
The twins, He and She Diddit.
Their pet rabbit, Sumbunny Else Diddit. (who was not house-trained, by the way- he blamed the mess on my cats)
The cousins, She Coulda Dunnit and He Probably Dunnit.
And their pointer named I Didn't Dewit, who keeps barking up the wrong tree.

They seemed to like our place and decided to stay a while. They must like to hide behind me- only my kids can see them because that's where they always point when declaring just which one of these gremlins did the deed in question. If I can't catch them, I can't evict them- and they don't pay rent, either.

So when my husband gets home and asks me where's dinner, I'll just tell him Ida Know and She Coulda Dunnit was supposed to, but I Didn't Dewit must have eaten it- then make reservations!


Jackie said...

Too cute Beth!!! love it!

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