Monday, January 13, 2014

Dietary Ironies

It has come to my attention that God is a practical joker. Who else would make me metabolically sensitive to the things I love?

I love bread. Really- I LOVE bread. I love making the dough, baking it, and eating the heck out of it. And every time I eat it, I get really, really tired. Yet when I get tested for gluten issues, the results show nada. Nothing. Zippo.

I get tired, but I still eat it anyway because I love bread. In fact, I run a bread ministry!

The docs tell me that if the bread makes me tired, I should stop eating it. Duh. Tell me something else I already know and don't want to do! (and honestly, why do I keep going to these people?)

I did a low-carb diet plan years ago and did very well with it. However, I had a limited palate and got bored after a few months- it's hard to come up with recipes when you can't include your favorite carbs since childhood, like bread, pasta and rice. White rice- not that nasty healthy stuff that's the color of oatmeal. Blah.

Here's another irony- now my husband has become vitamin deficient and needs better, healthier foods. What does the doc recommend? Yep- no bread, pasta or white rice, and easy on the sugar too, bub.

So now there's two family members who need to stop eating the 'good' stuff, and eat all those nasty healthy things like brown rice and *shudder* vegetables. 

No more blaming it on the kids and telling everyone that I can't make myself special foods because I'm the only one who needs it. 
No more statements about my eating bread and all that other good stuff because everyone else is eating it.
No more being able to stretch meals from one day to a month because I can add bread, pasta, or white rice to it and make it last longer.

All because the two main players in the family have been told to make dietary changes or else suffer severe health issues- like not being able to fit through a doorway anymore (me) or crash and burn from exhaustion every other day (my husband).

I think God is grinning and tweaking my nose because He just got the better of me. He knows I could care less about my own health, but I'd give up everything if my husband had dietary needs. God can be a sneaky lil booger when He wants to be.

So now here I sit, thinking about all those books on that special diet I gave away years ago, and wondering if I have to buy them again, or just look up and print everything off of the Internet. I can remember most of what was done (since I did it at least three times), but I'm a bit fuzzy on the details now. My palate had improved a lot, and there are a lot more veggies on my plate (okay, not more, per se, but a bigger variety), so maybe I won't get bored.


As for the bread ministry? You can't gain weight from sniffing the loaves as you pack them...right?


sticks said...

there are two books my husband swears by - the " Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter MD and " The Diabetes Solution by Richard K. Bernstein,MD - also a cookbook "1001 Low Carb Recipes " by Dana Carpenter. he is type 2 diabetic but wouldn't do anything about it - he reduced his carb intake and now has gotten off insulin and victoza . His A1c levels are now the same as a person without diabetes. I on the other hand am a carb addict - i will eat some of his recipes but draw the line at his bread and pancakes made with the Atkins flour substitute . Good luck to you and your husband - it is very hard to give up carbs and anyone who says otherwise is not telling the truth( liar is such an ugly word lol)

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