Friday, April 30, 2010

Footprints is MOVING!

After having long and fruitful conversations with my editor Nina, Footprints in the Mud will now have a new home- in Ruby for Women's new blog! I will be posting other thing as well, like hints and tips for crafts, home, and kids, as well as articles and blurbs to entertain and inform. I do apologize for the lapse in posts as of late, but this was too big not to be a part of! Hope to see you ate the new blog!

Here's the link:

Have a fantastic day, Dear Readers!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a Note...

Due to some potential changes (good ones!), Footprints on Facebook will not be running this week. I hope to bring something wonderful to you soon, but these things take time. So sit back, relax and finish off your chocolate bunnies and jellybeans (you know, the ones you snuck out of the kid's baskets when they weren't looking!)- it won't be too long before Footprints returns!

Thank you so much for visiting- it is very much appreciated!