Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is God a Feminist?

It's time to talk about a touchy subject- one that's hits home in many hearts, men and women alike.

What is Feminism, and who are these Feminists?

Feminism, as defined by the dictionary, is a doctrine that advocates an equality between women and men; to have the same rights in political and economic status. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but society has taken this premise and lifted it to insane heights, adding this or that addendum to turn the definition into something more sinister. Think of the book Animal Farm, where all the animals take over and are supposed to be equal- until the pigs get power hungry. That is what's happening to Feminism today.

Women can be anything they want to be, and yes, they might have to fight a little harder to get it, but not nearly as much as they used to. Now a woman has a better chance of succeeding (if she has the drive and motivation) than she ever did- but does that mean we all have to be superwomen concerning business and finances? If we can be all we can be, why are some Feminists looking down their noses at those who have chosen the life of an at-home mom? Or a cleaning lady? or any other jobs that used to be 'women only' professions? If we can choose what we want to be, why are those choices frowned upon?

That's where the Feminist comes in. Sometimes good (equal rights), but sometimes (and more often nowadays) not so good. Feminists are becoming known as 'those self-righteous bitches' and 'man-haters' that not only climb the ladder of success, but try to step on the head of every man she can in her stilettos, not just wanting to be equal to men, but to be better than men.

But isn't equality the reason we started Feminism in the first place? So we wouldn't be under oppression by men? So why are so many Feminists becoming the 'oppressive monsters' they were originally fighting? It makes no sense.

A perfect example I'll use is me. I was brought up in a home that 'women can do anything men can do, only better'. Many times I saw my mom treating my dad with disrespect, and figured that was the way it was supposed to be. She didn't like being an at-home mom, and pursued other interests throughout my childhood.

When I got married, I figured I was the boss and he would be under me. I was a fairly new Christian then, and he was in the church all of his life. He was raised by women and understood men could be oppressive as well, so he was also a feminist- in the equal sense, not the in the 'I'm better than you' mindset I was in at the time. In the beginning it seemed to work, because when I shoved, he backed off. I shoved him around for eight years in fact, not letting him do anything that wasn't approved by me first. I had gone one better than my mother, believing in the hype that is today's standard as a Feminist. I wasn't a man-hater, just a man controller. My husband's leash was short, but had gems instead of spikes, if you will.

Then God hit me with a brick- my husband started standing up for himself. And I didn't like it.

That was also when God started really working in my heart about what role we play as women in the Bible. Don't stop reading! I'm not going to tell you I turned all lovey-dovey and nurturing, rubbing his feet and giving birth to a nation while happily doing the dishes. I'm going to tell you something that rocked my world.

God is a Feminist too.

He made Eve to be Adam's partner. An equal. Yes, He also says that men are the leaders, but men are also supposed to love their wives as they would themselves. God told men that we are equals. And if you look at Proverbs 31:10 - 31, it tells us that her husband has full confidence in her- she buys and sells property and goods, cares for the children and hires servants (aka employees whether they be in a company or a house cleaner for your home), she takes care of the house and speaks with wisdom. Does that sound like a weak, oppressed woman to you? Yes, she is obedient to both her husband and God, but she also has an opinion, and her husband is expected to consider her words- just as long as she's not screeching them at the top of her lungs!

So there is a big difference between being an oppressive Feminist vs. an equality Feminist- Respect. Men are equals. Women are equals. We all have a job to do whether that's staying at home with the kids or running a multi-million dollar business. Man or woman, don't treat the opposite sex as if they are a lesser being. That's not what God had in mind when He made us.

Now that my husband and I are true partners, our marriage has gotten better and better- In fact, this May will be our fifteenth anniversary! I no longer hold a leash but my husband's hand- and to be honest, I like that much more! Yes, sometimes it's still a struggle, but we work through it. Why?

Because we're both Feminists. And so is God.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Tah-Dah List

My To-Do list is so long, I'm thinking about calling Guinness World Records to document it!

For those who aren't familiar with these kinds of lists, did you know there are several categories on a To-Do list? Here are a few:

The Big Chore List- these are things that need to be done periodically, like cleaning the oven or washing the walls- though why anyone washes walls is beyond me- I just cover my walls with pictures and bookshelves- and velcro, if the kids get out of hand.

The Call List- these are people you need to contact before the day is out, otherwise you'll forget they exist. Usually reserved for appointment making or work-at-home clients, and maybe the babysitter. Girlfriends and your spouse don't count- those are fun things, and fun things are never to be listed, because you'll never get to them if you do.

The Short Stuff- five minute tasks that are a one-time deal. You do them, and you don't have to deal with them for a while. Like bills. Or taxes. It doesn't take long to put them all into the recycle bin, after all, and you're helping the environment.*

The Dear-Lord-Do-I-Have-To-Do-This-Again?!? List- This is the bulk of the To-Do list- things you have to do every single day of your life until you die, and sometimes after you die. This includes dustball removal (because no one else can see them), making meals, straightening clutter, washing clothes, doing dishes, and staying sane- though that last one usually isn't on the list, it's a given- kind if like the 'k' in knife. You need it there, but no one needs to write it down because it's understood.

The Re-Do/Priority List- This is a list of your lists. This is also the list that gets re-written a bazillion times a day because you thought you could schedule these things without being interrupted, foolish mortal that you are. Doing wash might be a priority in the morning, but when your husband calls and casually mentions he's invited all of his co-workers to dinner (all fifteen-hundred of them), you need to scratch out that list and prioritize doing dishes instead, because the kitchen is becoming a target for anthropologists.

And don't forget you need to call the College of Anthropology to tell them to cancel the dig next week, because you're having company.

I think it should be called a Tah-Dah list, because finishing it would be miraculous!

*Attention tax and bill guys- I really do pay them, just online- and most of the time it really does take five minutes, because I have no money. It's only your bazillion stinking reminders that go into the recycle bin. Thank You.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Was An Acorn

I came up with this poem as I walked home from the gym- I hope you enjoy it!

I Was An Acorn
By Beth Brubaker

I was an acorn,
Hard, smooth, encased in a shell.
I was buried in the soil, knowing not my purpose,
And God saw fit for me to take root.

I begin to grow,
breaking that shell that was my solace.
Slowly stretching my arms to the light,
It took years for me to grow.

Every time before I sleep
God's best shines through me.
These are not my colors,
but God's artistry through me.

Even when I pass from this world,
I will not be remembered as an acorn,
But as I am now.
A rainbow of color that brings joy to all,
for I am God's creation, His pride, and joy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fried Brains, With a Side of Stupid

My hyper-kinetic brain came up with a brilliant idea. I was going to create a website, and sell my services as a poet/lyricist to help along the We-Want-To-Buy-A-House fund. All I had to do was buy a domain name, find a server and make the site.

Yeah, right.

I asked some of my younger and smarter buddies for help. That's where it went all higglety-pigglety.

'Do you know how to make a website?' I ask hopefully. 'Oh sure, that's easy!' they'd reply, 'Just click on the flibbity-floo and upload your snigglefritz, save the file, and you're all done!' Click the the WHAT? Load the WHO? It sounded like gobblygook to me!

Seeing the blank deer-in-the-headlights gaze I gave them, they showed me their websites and what they did on them, and I was really impressed. Pictures and home movies were there, with emails, links, streaming, and all those other website goodies, toting their wares as website designers.

And these were twelve year-olds.

Yet I was too proud to admit I wasn't as smart as them, so I faked understanding, went home, and gave it a go.

I clicked on what I thought was the flibbity-floo and found myself on a totally different part of my dashboard. Apparently I clicked in the whoozeewhatsis instead, and now I was in some kind of HTML thing with codes that looked like the Matrix. I went back and tried again. And again. The problem with computers is, they always do the same thing when you do the same thing. It's really annoying!

It took me two hours to make my logo and put it onto the first page. It took me another two to get an item on the menu bar. If I keep going at this rate, I'm going to die before I get the darn thing done! Part of me is wondering if dying would be worth it- just so I don't have to mess with this stubborn hunk of technological horse-poo. The only things keeping my sanity are my cats (major cuddle factor), and my husband, who can get me out of any computer mess. He can't help with the website, but he's a whiz at putting the CPU back together after I've finished whacking it with a hammer.

So here I sit with a half-baked website, two menu items that lead to blank pages, and a really cool looking logo. I think that's a good for a week of torture, don't you?

I can see this as a diner scene in a bad movie:

'Fried brains with a side of Stupid, please.' I ask the waitress.
'Would you like a cup of 'Duh' to go with that?'
I sigh. 'Yes, I would, thank you.'

It's going to be a long week.

I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime you might want to send me some chocolate- I think I might need it!