Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Tah-Dah List

My To-Do list is so long, I'm thinking about calling Guinness World Records to document it!

For those who aren't familiar with these kinds of lists, did you know there are several categories on a To-Do list? Here are a few:

The Big Chore List- these are things that need to be done periodically, like cleaning the oven or washing the walls- though why anyone washes walls is beyond me- I just cover my walls with pictures and bookshelves- and velcro, if the kids get out of hand.

The Call List- these are people you need to contact before the day is out, otherwise you'll forget they exist. Usually reserved for appointment making or work-at-home clients, and maybe the babysitter. Girlfriends and your spouse don't count- those are fun things, and fun things are never to be listed, because you'll never get to them if you do.

The Short Stuff- five minute tasks that are a one-time deal. You do them, and you don't have to deal with them for a while. Like bills. Or taxes. It doesn't take long to put them all into the recycle bin, after all, and you're helping the environment.*

The Dear-Lord-Do-I-Have-To-Do-This-Again?!? List- This is the bulk of the To-Do list- things you have to do every single day of your life until you die, and sometimes after you die. This includes dustball removal (because no one else can see them), making meals, straightening clutter, washing clothes, doing dishes, and staying sane- though that last one usually isn't on the list, it's a given- kind if like the 'k' in knife. You need it there, but no one needs to write it down because it's understood.

The Re-Do/Priority List- This is a list of your lists. This is also the list that gets re-written a bazillion times a day because you thought you could schedule these things without being interrupted, foolish mortal that you are. Doing wash might be a priority in the morning, but when your husband calls and casually mentions he's invited all of his co-workers to dinner (all fifteen-hundred of them), you need to scratch out that list and prioritize doing dishes instead, because the kitchen is becoming a target for anthropologists.

And don't forget you need to call the College of Anthropology to tell them to cancel the dig next week, because you're having company.

I think it should be called a Tah-Dah list, because finishing it would be miraculous!

*Attention tax and bill guys- I really do pay them, just online- and most of the time it really does take five minutes, because I have no money. It's only your bazillion stinking reminders that go into the recycle bin. Thank You.


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