Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sparrow Blessings

Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay 

If God watches over the sparrows, He watches over us...right?

So why, when asked about how God blessed me, I feel I can only tell others the big blessings, because the little ones are just too insignificant to be recognized? Why forget or ignore the hundreds of little sparrow blessings God has done for me every day?

The big blessings are so awesome a story to tell. It's mind-boggling the things God has done in my life in just the past few years, no less my lifetime. But those little blessings are what gets me through the day, and many times I forget to thank God for those too.

Sometimes they seem silly, sometimes sweet- thanks for that ice-cold raindrop in my armpit when I was overheated and ranting in the car- I stopped ranting and laughed! Thanks for waking me with a kitty pounce so I wouldn't be late for work. Thanks for cat snuggles just when I was feeling unloved. Thanks for the unexpected tip from a normally stingy customer. Thanks for a bright, sunny day when I needed a spiritual lift. A breeze at the right moment. The sink unclogged itself. The first taste of a freshly brewed iced tea. The smell of mown grass or just-baked bread. Moments of peace within the chaos.

I can close my eyes and smile at every one of those things and be thankful because God was a part of it all.

Don't forget to count your many sparrow blessings. They keep us sane through the mess that is our lives. They help us cope, smile, and sometimes laugh, but always lighten our spirit. 

Thank You, God, for our little sparrow blessings!