Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Spark Rekindled

Two months ago, life came to a head and my muse decided to lock her doors and become a hermit.

I stopped being inspired. I stopped creating. I stopped everything.

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming, you just have to stop for a while to regroup. Sometimes you just need to stop and breathe. And sometimes you have to stop doing what you love to do what you need to do for your family.

So I did. 

Life hasn't stopped, but when my muse cracked open her door, I jammed my foot in before she could slam it on me again. I apologize to you, my Dear Readers, if it seemed like I fell off the map, but I wasn't about to trouble you with my issues either. I didn't want to turn this blog into a platform of Cheese and Whine.

That being said, I'm attending a writer's conference. In fact, I'm on my way out the door after writing this post! I wasn't going to go this year, but the leader of the conference insisted, so I went. I'm so glad I did.

When your muse ignores you and you're feeling all alone in the world, it does a body and mind good to talk with other Christians- Not necessarily about your issues (though I admit I did that a little), but to just have conversations with people who love to talk about God. Group prayer feels so much more powerful than prayers in private, and there's a connection with others when you sing hymns in unison with strangers. 

Strangers who are fast becoming friends.

And friends whom I've lost touch and now have reconnected.

This morning I woke up earlier than I normally do, because my muse decided to unlock the door to take a peek at the outside world. Honestly, her timing stinks (4 am...really Muse? Really?), but I welcome her with open arms and extra bacon for breakfast. We have a lot of work to do.

And a lot of blog posts to write!