Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rusty Gate Wisdom

God is amazing.

Have you ever been super busy? Like, crazy, off-the-hook busy> So busy that you heard yourself say (one too many times):
"I can't right now."
"Sorry, I don't have time.."
"Let me finish this other thing first..."

Yeah- me too.

Then God decided He'd had enough, and bestowed a boatload of wisdom on me that made my mind whirl.
I was busy, but not productive.
Relationships matter.
Being so busy made me miss chances to bless others.

I was busy doing 'things' instead of working on relationships.

But this week God decided to let a little light shine in through the tiny cracks in my thick head.

God is love. There is a verse that blew me away that went something like "You can make God's lessons as clear as day, but without love, your words are like the creaking of a rusty gate..." I never really understood what He meant by that. I always thought it meant you needed to speak with passion.

Passion is good, but relationship is better.

People listen more when they know you, love you, and trust you. In other words, your words have meaning when the person you're speaking with has a relationship with you!

God takes delight when I spend time with my family.
God loves it when I laugh and goof off with my friends when I need a break.
God is joyful when I open my house up to anyone who wants to come on Sundays after church.

I'm not saying forget responsibilities and goof off constantly- but there is a time to play and rest; I think all of us forget to have fun or just spend quiet time together with each other.

I may not get the laundry done when my daughter is sick, but she will remember the times I sat with her poor fevered head in my lap as I sang her to sleep. The same goes for putting off emails to play cards with my son, or a quiet evening at home reading books on the couch with my husband. These are the things my family will remember- not the fact that I always had clean socks waiting for them!

Yes it takes sacrifice and a big heart to forgo 'getting stuff done' to do these things sometimes. But the payoff is so much more rewarding when we do! Like the saying goes, "I have a messy house, but a happy family"- and what would make God happier than that?

Hug your kids, Kiss your husband extra awesome before he goes to work. Call your friend for a quick chat. Build those relationships and help make them strong. And don't forget to talk to God too- He's waiting to hear from you!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Back to the Waves

As a child, my parents took me to the beach. It was my favorite place, and I loved playing in the ocean. Sometimes I would put my back to the waves and close my eyes tight, daring the waves to do what they will. 
The sounds of rushing water would always send my heart racing, wondering if the wave would tickle my ankles, or crash against me and knock me over. It really didn't matter which; both were unexpected and delightful!

God's blessings are much like the waves of the ocean.

When I stop looking for blessings and turn my back on the waves, I get so much more out of blessing when they happen. Big or small, it doesn't matter. If I can see the waves coming I don't react as strong. I might brace myself for the bigger waves, but it isn't as much fun.

And honestly, we all need to have a little more fun! I think God is immensely pleased when He sees us enjoying His blessings.

I have no idea when the blessings will come, or what size blessing will come first. I have no idea how strong it will hit me- will I be gently blessed or will the blessing knock me for a loop? There's a thrill in not knowing when or how God will bless you when you stop looking- and when the wave comes, your gratefulness and appreciation are tenfold because it's unexpected.

And much more joyful!

Will you come play in the waves with me?