Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Deeper End- A Spiritual Attack

You know you're headed in the right direction when the devil jumps on you with both feet.

It started with a desire to change. Not for the New Year, but to make all-around changes for the better. Since we considered changing the way we lived with our stuff, why not delve a little deeper and try to change the way we lived on the inside too?

So I bought a book that I thought would help me understand my role as a wife, mom, and also support my husband in his ministry.

Well, Mister Pointy Horns didn't like that at all and decided to take action. 

On Christmas morning. 
Early morning. 
Like 3:30 a.m. 

Boo-Boo, one of the three cats that adopted me (I was his favorite) felt something was up, so he started yowling at my bedroom door. This was a peculiar yowl, loud enough to wake only me, so I opened the door and gave him a cuddle (because he would not leave me alone and wrapped about my legs like a bolo), then I shut the door and went back to bed. 

I opened my eyes. Something was wrong. The room had an odd feel to it. My clock, which glows like a light blue sun normally, was darker than a black hole; there was a sense of anti-light about the darkness. It was a darkness that filled me with dread. Something was in the room with us.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Oh, not today, Buster, I said to myself. I'd had a bad day at work yesterday, and was itching for a good fight. I stood and roared at the shadows that loomed near my bedside; Get out of my house! I yelled silently, I bind you in Jesus' name!

The entities shifted but didn't leave.

Surprised, I tried again. I bind you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, get out of my house- leave my family and my cats alone!

But they didn't leave. I looked about frantically for something to help.

I reached for what I thought were white crosses at the head of my bed, but when my fingers touched them they were just crosses of paper with no power about them. I had a flash of thought- false prophets- before the crosses fluttered to the floor behind the bed.

Out of the corner of my eye, a man who was my husband but wasn't my husband was crouched next to me by the bed, playing what looked like a wooden flute, elaborately carved into a cross. 

That had to be what I needed! He only got two notes out before I snatched it from him and held it out to the shadows, trying to bind them a third time, using the words I was always taught to use. 

It seemed to work. The power had lessened and they seemed to leave. The cross-like flute and my husband disappeared. I climbed back into bed to pray.

I woke up abruptly. The clock was still swathed in anti-light.

Something was dragging me across the bed towards it. No hands, just a force. I turned to see a shadowed entity against my wall with giant fire-filled eyes, mouth agape in silent rage.

I was being pulled toward it. Hard

My fingers clawed the sheets. I needed help, and I needed it now.

Another flash of thought- through Me, not you. 

Then it hit me. I'd been trying to disperse these entities through me- I bind, my house. I. Me. Myself. 
I cried out for God to take over and protect me.

Someone grabbed me around the waist, pulled me to the opposite side of the bed and held me tight against him with one arm. I knew it was my husband-not-my-husband. God had sent Someone to protect me. 

I'd felt the shadows lurch back in surprise to the opposite side of the bed. There was a very pregnant pause. Then I'd heard the Someone speak in a different language- Mas ven aviku.

I had no idea what that meant (or what language it was), but he wasn't talking to me- he was talking to the shadow. It sounded like a warning.

And the shadow left.

I woke up back in bed. My clock display shone bright blue against the very quiet, very peaceful darkness. I squinted as it blared the time- 5:03 a.m. I remained stock-still, listening for anything that would tell me this wasn't a dream, that the fight was really over. 

My husband was asleep beside me.
Boo-boo meowed at the door. This was his regular 'time for breakfast, so feed me' meow. 
Dawn was coming. 
Christmas was here.

I picked up my cellphone and immediately sought a language translator.

To this day I still don't know what aviku means. But the first two words translated best from Spanish to English.

More come.

The Being had warned the shadows that more will come. More what? Beings? Angels? And what does aviku mean? Was it the name of the shadow? The only Aviku I could find was a character in a game. Oddly enough, the character was a demon, and it was known by another name- Defiler of Souls. Yikes!

When I read the translation, I felt as if an army was surrounding my house, protecting us. I couldn't see them, but I felt them, and that was all I needed. God has sent His army to protect me and my family. 

The shadows were gone.

I picked up the book I'd bought and started reading. What was the book you might ask? The Resolution for Women, written by Priscilla Shrier, based on the movie Courageous. It's a study not lightly taken, but I wanted to read through it first before delving even deeper to improve my spiritual life. I'm almost finished it, and I believe this book will help me grow into a better servant for God. In fact, it already has!

I'd like to make one thing clear- I don't think buying the book itself was the reason I was attacked. I believe it was because I'd finally made a choice to change myself for the better- not just for my kids and husband but for God, and this book would indeed become a big influencer in my spiritual life. 

Any spiritual improvement sets the devil on his, and he'll do his best to stop it whenever possible. This is usually when adversity rears its ugly head and the battle becomes a bit harder for a Christian. So if you feel the weight of life on your shoulders, let go of the 'me, myself and I' floatie you're holding onto and dare to swim in deeper waters- because God is the best lifeguard, ever!