Saturday, March 28, 2020

Viral Insights

No, this isn't a post about the virus per se. You've been inundated with blogs, messages, and emails about it, and I'm not going to tell you anything you probably already know. 

However, being one of the few that can actually work through the quarantine/shutdown, I've noticed something quite extraordinary. But let me backtrack a little here.

I work as a courier. I drive all over the city and surrounding suburbs, and when this virus hit, we got slammed with deliveries. So I was working longer and harder than I had been in a very long time. 
Most days before the shutdown, the streets were empty except for the traffic. Tech was blamed for the lack of kids playing and family time outside, and I was the loudest gal protesting on that particular bandwagon. So when the quarantine happened, I expected less traffic and even fewer people.


Neighborhoods were active with family bike rides, walks, joggers, and oldsters with their caregivers out for some fresh air and sunshine. Neighbors and family members were still taking precautions concerning social distancing, but all were having conversations and enjoying being together- as long as they were six feet away or more, that is.

Not many people were using their tech. Some loners were on their phones, but most were out and about chatting with each other. Yes, they were under caution, but most of the burbs weren't on shutdown- not yet. But it did surprise me just how many people were outside- especially kids.

The tech should have kept everyone inside...right? Phone games, texting, videos, movies, computer and console games were all excuses to stay inside; yet parents were constantly wanting kids to go out before the virus- remember those conversations?

Parent: Hey kids! It's gorgeous outside! Why don't you stop playing on your phone/computer/TV and go outside to play? Go for a family walk? Ride your something!

Kids: NOOOOOOO! It's too hot/cold/sunny/shady/whatever outside! I wanna stay in and play the game I just downloaded- and then I have to text my friends about it!

And now that we're on quarantine?

Parent: Why don't you stay in and play some video games, text your friends, or watch a movie? Everything's closed so you can't go anywhere.

Kids: NOOOOOOO! All this stuff is boring and I want to go out with my friends! We can bike or walk around the block and just hang out...

All parents of the universe: SIGH...

Gotta love the irony.

So tech isn't why we've become so reclusive. We had a reason to use it to remain inside, yet we didn't. We went out. 

That's when it hit me.

It was busyness that kept us socially separated. And when we were forced to stop being busy with what we thought was life, we actually found out that that wasn't what life was all about after all!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Families were spending time together. Pets were getting more walks and longer playtimes. Kids were playing and being more active outdoors. Gardens were being tended, lawns mowed and neighbors were chatting. The best part?

People were happy.

Once this viral mess is over, I hope it positively changes lives. We've surrounded ourselves with so much to do, we forget we can slow down. Most times we choose not to. Only when everything is shut down do we see what a truly good life really is!

Enjoy the free time you now have, and pray for those that still need to work to keep the virus at bay. Let God show you that it's okay to rest, slow down, and spend time just sitting in the sunshine. 

And when this is all over, remember to take time out of each day to slow down and breathe.

I pray you all to remain safe and healthy, and that God blesses you in many unexpected ways during this quarantine!