Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lion King Moments

Remember the opening song in Lion King when it talks about the Circle of Life?

My life isn't a circle- it's more like this:

There's one line that always sticks out to me-'More to do than can ever be done'. Oh yeah baby, I'm living that lyric!

Here are just a few things going on:

My husbands' work situation is in flux- we have no idea what God has planned for him concerning his job, but for now, he's in limbo at the workplace.

We're trying to start an at-home baking/cooking business. That includes the classes and supplies needed to get this puppy started. 

I working to create a craft business starting next year.

My son is in a work program for autistic adults, working his way into independence- the step he's in currently is voluntary work to gain experience. We hope he will go back to college in the next two years.

My daughter is a senior in high school during the week and works weekends doing what she loves for a small salary. She should be in college by next year if the scholarships come through.

With both kids gone most of the week (and weekends for one of them), chores fall on the parental units- moreso on the female of the species. Chores I became dependent on the kids to do. I'm not ready for Empty Nest Syndrome!

Chores. It had to be chores...

Since the surgery (and the weight gain) I've been slower than usual. This makes everything I have to do even more fantazmagorical.
All this on top of writing, crafting, ministry, cooking, momming, and wifing. Never in that order. Not even close.

Oh, and we're trying to deep-clean the house and make repairs as we go. Why? Because we might be hosting Thanksgiving (or at least have Friendsgiving the day afterward), we're definitely baking for Thanksgiving orders from local friends and family, we're supposed to get windows installed three weeks before Christmas, and then have a Christmas Open House party two weeks before Jesus' birthday. 
Normally this annual party is held between Christmas and New Years, but my husband is working that week. As for me, I just might collapse on the couch in gratitude that it's all over until January!

I haven't been online even for emails and Facebook, no less actually sitting down and writing something comprehensible for a blog! And for that, I do apologize, my Dear Readers. 

So many activities, so little time. Definitely more to do than can ever be done!

How am I handling all this spendiferous chaos? To be honest, I'm not. Not well, anyway.

I know how to handle everything, I just haven't done it yet. And if I don't get my act together soon, things will really go haywire.

I can schedule like a boss- I just need to get up off my butt and do it. If only I did this with the rest of my life, I'd be one wickedly productive individual.

First I figure out where and when certain events are taking place, then I work back from that date and schedule the things I have to do. 
If I have more than one thing going on, I give myself a little space in between everything to allow myself to breathe- Because breathing is a good thing.

Now if I can just get started...

Do you have trouble getting done what you need to do? Maybe we can pray for each other- I know I can sure use the help! And when two or more gather together in prayer...awesomeness happens!