Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Messiah Mindset

Sometimes I wonder why Jesus was called the Messiah. But when I broke up the word into syllables, I realized it made perfect sense.

Mess- I- Ah.

He saw the mess, said to Himself 'I need to fix this', and all of us exhaled a collective sigh of relief. Ah...

Well, we were supposed to exhale in relief. But noooo, we had to go on being human and keep messing with things, not trusting that He fixed everything. 

Humans are so like that, aren't we?

Many of us have gotten so far from His mindset that only a rare few truly understand where God wants them to go, what to be, and how to be to get there. We struggle to see God's plan for us instead of enjoying the ride.

I know I do because I'm too busy straining in my seat to see behind me or what's coming over the next hill. I don't always enjoy the ride. But I'm getting better at it.

Trials are trials for a reason- and sometimes we aren't meant to see those reasons right from the get-go. In fact, most of us won't see all the blessings we've had until after the trial is over! The year 2020 will be a 'year of vision' as the great 'They' say, but let's face it; most of those visions will either be hindsight (where we were), or foresight (where we're going)- not where we are at the present moment. 

And the present is where the good stuff is- even during the bad stuff.

You know that phrase 'you can't have your cake and eat it too'? I never understood that saying! It seems so silly, right? How can you eat the cake if you don't have it, and how can you have the cake but not eat it? 

Does this phrase mean that you're not truly enjoying the cake until after you ate the whole thing? You didn't savor the moment, so now you're left with a plate of crumbs, icing, and regrets? 

Image by modi74 from Pixabay


But I bet when no one's looking, you licked that icing and crumbs off that plate, didn't you?

Now you're living in the moment, tasting the bare remnants of something that could have been enjoyed fully a few bites ago.

I want to enjoy my cake while I eat it. I know you do too. We've just forgotten how.

We're caught up in a fast-paced world full of distractions, and we forget that it's okay to slow down and put away the gadgets, turn things off, and go sniff a rose or two. Or enjoy that cake with the super yummy frosting.

I've had to relearn things I used to know- slowing down to read a book, pause when you smell freshly baked bread or a mown lawn, listen to the birds chirping outside and just be. To clear my mind and listen to what God has to say. It's not always easy.

What is God telling you?

Maybe you're to rest. Perhaps you're to hit the pause button and help someone. Hear what someone is actually saying, not just the words they say. Maybe He's giving you a new road to walk. Whatever it is, God is going to fix things and put you back on the right track. His track.

I want to encourage you to slow down and breathe deeply. Take in those wonderful scents. Hear the birds chirping in the distance. Taste that cake and enjoy it. 
Because the Mess is fixed. 
I can savor the present moment.