Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Was An Acorn

I came up with this poem as I walked home from the gym- I hope you enjoy it!

I Was An Acorn
By Beth Brubaker

I was an acorn,
Hard, smooth, encased in a shell.
I was buried in the soil, knowing not my purpose,
And God saw fit for me to take root.

I begin to grow,
breaking that shell that was my solace.
Slowly stretching my arms to the light,
It took years for me to grow.

Every time before I sleep
God's best shines through me.
These are not my colors,
but God's artistry through me.

Even when I pass from this world,
I will not be remembered as an acorn,
But as I am now.
A rainbow of color that brings joy to all,
for I am God's creation, His pride, and joy.


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