Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Problem? No Problem!

As many of you know, the Eastern region of the US got pummeled by large amounts of the white stuff for three days straight. I've lost track of the accumulated inches, but it had to be around the forty inch mark, give or take.

That is a lot of snow.

So I started thinking...what could we possibly do with all this stuff? And how can we help others with it?

Well, we could make the worlds biggest snow fort (call Guinness!), but that really won't help other people. But then I started to think about other parts of the country and the world that are dry as a bone, where water is hard to find.

Is snow is lighter to transport than water? It probably is, simply because you can't pack as much in a container when the snow is still in it's flaky state. So maybe the government or several teams of missionaries can come haul off every inch of this stuff and send it to those who need it.

For the record, I would happily offer my entire yard, pavement, driveway and street side parking spot, and I'm sure if I passed the word, my neighbors would oblige as well. All we would need is a convoy of refrigerated trucks- is that so much to ask? It's for a good cause, after all!

Better their fields and crops than my sewer!

In case that idea falls through, maybe we can load it in trucks and take it all to a local park, dumping it and turning each truckload into a vast array of temporary snow slides, sledding slopes, and forts for snowball fights. If someone had a snowblower, there could be a 'SnowFall' feature that would bring the kids running.

And it would keep our children off the street!

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