Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Joy of Picture Taking

I was given a new camera for Christmas, and couldn't wait to take it for a spin. I'm the main photographer in my family, and though I don 't take bazillions of them (the cameras seem to live a short life here), I like taking them when I have a camera in hand. But there's one big stumbling block- I forget to bring it to special occasions!

Not this time though.

My darling husband bought me a teeny-tiny camera that's small enough to carry in my purse- case and all! So as long as I keep the thing charged (let's not get into that just yet), I'm good to go.

And so far, it has served me well!

The funny thing is, I haven't been taking too many pictures of the family. It has been snowing here on a regular basis, so I've been taking pictures of winter scenes, the sky at sunset, and the occasional animal that happens to cross my path. I did manage to get a few head shots of myself, so you'll finally be getting a look at me sometime soon on the Ruby of Women website.

Okay, so I can't wait. This is me!

This is the only picture I actually like of myself. And yes, my hair is naturally curly. Don't envy me though, it's a bear to brush out each morning and evening. And after I brush, I look like a woman with a bush on her head.

I have yet to get a family picture, because I'm usually the one holding the camera! I might have to get a neighbor over here to take it- then you can see the beautiful people I live with that I want to smack on occasion.

So now that I'm expanding my computerized horizons, I'd like to ask you something. Actually a few somethings. I want to know what you like to read about on this blog. I want to interact with my readers more- both at Ruby and here. But it begins with you. Tell me also if you see something that could be improved upon (like pictures!) Share your ideas and suggestions in the comment section- I would love to know what you're thinking!


Unknown said...

Looking forward to sharing the journey in blogging with you. I am a fellow Ruby and following you from Chronicles of Three Christian Moms.

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