Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm A Jack O'Lantern (Part Two of 'The Whole Tooth' post)

The dentist didn't take long to remove the two teeth that had to come out. I went home feeling as of I was part zombie, looking like a jack O'lantern with half my face sliding off my skull. One of the teeth she had to take was an eye tooth, and when deadening that particular spot, she informed me I would not feel half my nose.

Of course when she was finished, I was poking my face all over, just to see what felt weird. I'm like that. Let me just say it's like feeling someone else's face when you're doing it. Even when it's only half your nose. It's been over an hour since my visit, and I'm still numb. So I thought I'd share the experience with you. Don't you feel privileged?

Some of the Novocaine (or 'happy juice' as I like to call it) has worn off, and the edges of my lips are tingling, like they had fallen asleep. My tongue now has new places to explore and toy with, and I'm sure once all of this is healed I can shoot peas at people out of the side of my mouth and no one would be the wiser. Dentistry can be fun, you just have to be creative enough to take advantage if it!

For instance, I can still smile (sort of), but I look like I should be a Halloween decoration- or at least model for them. Maybe I should hire myself out to pumpkin artisans who need inspiration, or visit Warner Brothers and become the new voice for Sylvester. Okay, maybe Sylvester's sister- that would be a little more realistic. Of course, with all these new air holes in my face, I could do a really cool horse impression- but I need the happy juice to wear off first for the full effect.

All I need now is a little light in my mouth, and I'll be set for Haloween!

Another thing I'll note here- I told the dentist I had long roots, but even I was surprised at just how long they were after she removed the eye tooth! I was surprised my nose didn't collapse. Really. It was that long. Like a dagger.

And since I have a little morbidity in my sense of humor, I also took a picture of the offending buggers. They ain't pretty. The entire length of the eye tooth was about two inches long- and the other one was just a little shorter! (But I won't show you that one unless you ask me. I promise!)

The kids are going to love that shot. Can you say 'Mandatory Dental Care' boys and girls? I knew you could!

I was given the same 'drill' as last time (forgive the dental pun); Not to eat for a few hours, soft diet, no straws, no brushing for a day, and relax as much as possible. And now that the happy juice is almost completely worn off of my removed 'fang', I can see why. No one likes to feel their heartbeat in their face. It's just unnatural.

And after a month or two of having fun with a holey face (check that...a Christian with a 'holey' face..heh), I get fitted for a new set of choppers. Apples and carrots and cel'ry, oh my! Meal times are going to be a new but fun set of challenges!

P.S. My nose is still half numb, and I feel a sneeze coming on- part of me is worried if my face will fall off if that happens...or I might just beat myself to death with my lips, since I have absolutely no facial muscle control! This might make a good YouTube video....


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