Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where Did The Time Go?

I do believe that time continuum that resided on my stairs has now infected me. Why do none of these things ever happen to me in a good way I'll never know, but it did happen, and I think only the geniuses of this world can figure it out. I know I can't!

I'm not sure when it started, but I go to sit down for ten minutes, and it winds up being thirty...a five minute trip downstairs for something becomes an hour, and a one minute phone call turns into a series of them that can last all day.

Where does the time go?

Straight down the toilet, that's where. Or in my case, straight down the Internet. You don't mind talking to your buddy (even if you're busy) as long as your checking your emails while you chat. You can also do Facebook and some research for your next project while having a little lunch- until you find that talking cat video that went viral this morning and you just had to take a look really quick. Hah.

Computer games are just as bad. 'Oh, I'll just play until the next level, since I'm almost there' you tell yourself, but that time continuum takes over and it takes hours just to complete what was supposed to be an easy two minute level- that you had to beat by restarting it 270 times.

The day begins with you running ahead of schedule, and ends in chaos. It's inevitable, and you know it. So do all of your friends on Facebook, because you told them 113 times.

I'm just wondering if it's better to turn off the computer and smash all the clocks and go by the position of the sun instead- first sun is breakfast, high sun is lunch, and dimming sun is dinner- and really, isn't that all we really need to know?


Denise :) said...

Haha!! I have to laugh, because here I am, sucked into the middle of it! :)

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