Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stop Saying, Start Praying!

Every New Year I find myself making a new list (okay, not so new- more like an addendum) of my resolutions. I usually make them easy to achieve, just so I feel good about myself, sharing my list with friends and making comparisons. But this year, things will be different!

I'm not making a resolutions list- instead, I'm making a prayer list. This is a list of the things I need God to work on for me, since there is no way humanly possible for me to do them- at least not without His help.

1. Please heal my thyroid. I have a thyroid that's slower than the government. I want one that works right so I don't have to take any more of these stupid little pills every day. Not to mention a properly working one will also keep my hair from thinning, my body from fattening, and my mind from freezing up like a ten year old computer.

2. If it is Your will, please let us get a new house. The rental we've been living in is getting mold from bad plumbing issues, we need to go hunt teddy bears to make fur parkas to guard against drafts, and I could really use some extra space to hide from these people who think I'm here on the planet to serve their every need. Okay, so I am there for that, but it would be nice to have a door with a lock on it so I can read a book past the second sentence without being interrupted.
Oh, and a laundry room on the first floor. And a kitchen the size of a small state. With a mortgage of two hundred dollars a month. But I'm just letting God handle the details- right now, I'm just asking for the house, and the means to get it, thank you!

3. Give me the strength and willpower to keep the house clean and organized. God is the only one who can do this- I've found out I'm as good at this as a sloth is in running a marathon. I have as much natural ability for cleaning as a horse does with typing. All I want is the energy to keep maintaining what I've cleaned so far, and declutter everything else before I die. God might have to make me live longer to do this though!

4. Please give us the budgeting skills and business savvy of Bill Gates. We don't need to be bazillionaires, but being thousandaires would be a nice change! Help us to use the money You have given us through work and skills to prosper enough to help others- and to get that house we want.

5. Make me what you want us to be- and give us a few hints. I know you have Big Plans for me and mine, but just give us an inkling as to where you need us to be and what our jobs are. And don't be subtle either- I usually don't recognize hints very well.

6. Help me to be more patient. And while I'm asking for huge miracles, I'd like a pet unicorn too. A white one with a purple mane and tail, please.

I have no idea what God has in mind for me this year, but it is going to be awesome! The changes that have happened in just the past few months has been an eye-opening experience, and He has opened my heart to all kinds of great stuff. I've lost weight (almost 30 pounds!), had a major attitude adjustment, and have been working (and succeeding) in many of my negative self-talk.

I've stopped talking, and started doing. And guess what? I'm getting positive results!

God is good- and He is good all the time!

So...what's on your prayer list this year?


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