Monday, June 25, 2012

Treehouse Faith

Have you ever felt like your faith was strong, until something shakes you up so bad you wonder if you ever had any real faith to start with?

Me too.

Recent events have shaken my faith like a rickety tree-house in a windstorm. Despite the tree-house looking sturdy, it wasn't- and my faith came crashing down the moment the wind kicked up. But God is good and left me enough debris to rebuild a better, stronger faith. And this time I want to build it the right way- slowly with more supports!

God tests our faith every day by the things that happen to us and around us, both good and bad. Why? Because He wants us to be better, stronger people in the long run. What would you rather have, a faith like a tree-house thrown together with scraps of rotting wood, or one made with solid, seasoned wood that can stand the elements?

God sends those windstorms not to punish us, but to show us where our faith is lacking so we can make the proper repairs. That's where Free Will comes in- either we make the repairs, or we leave it, hoping the tree-house will survive the next storm. 

As for me, I waited too long and my tree-house collapsed. Now I'm smarter for the experience. It will take time to rebuild my tree-house the right way. Sometimes I might  use some old boards or rusted nails, thinking that will be good enough- and if I do, God will surely let me know of my mistakes and give me another chance to make repairs. He's good like that.

Yesterday my faith was a single board. Today I nailed another board to it. Soon enough I'll have a floor, then one wall, then another three. Then the roof. By the time my tree-house is fully built, there will be no trace of rotted wood or rusty nails, and it will survive a tornado. And God will be smiling the entire time.

Inspect your tree-house faith and see how sturdy it is before the windstorm comes. You might be surprised! It could be stronger than you thought, or it could need some work. Either way you'll benefit from it!



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