Monday, August 19, 2013

Wht Th Hck R U Syng?

Last week's post was about the evolution of communication. And now the pitfalls of that higher evolution- shorthand texts.

Yes I text, but I use actual words in full, unless it's a shorter version that even youth impaired individuals like me could understand, like info., ex., or even short text like LOL or OMG- where the 'G' stands for Goodness.

But not those weird misspelled words and short text that requires a linguist to decipher. Many misconceptions are posted online when the shorthand lines cross between the young and the young at heart. The internet is loaded with texts gone wrong- especially when they use spellchecker.

And even the spellchecker uses words I've never heard before!

The older generation tries to fit in with the cool, younger crowd by using shorthand text, and the results often reveal their folly...

WTH- What's That, Honey?
LOL- Lots of Love (not good when texting about the death of a pet or loved one)
BTW- BeTWeen
LMAO- Love My Aunt and Oncle (oh do please spellcheck this one!)
SITD- Isn't this a Venereal Disease?!? or SIT Down
SH- Be quiet
WEG- I have a WEdGie

You can see how this would cause complete communication chaos!

To the younger generations, please spell out the words for us older people so we understand you! In the meantime, send me LOL because IMHO and WEG! (darn underwear!)


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