Monday, November 25, 2013

Dream or Vision?

I was asleep.

The world was covered in clouds, and as I listened to the news on the radio, people were beginning to panic for the lack of sunlight. If this kept up, how could we grow food? Famine was eminent.

There I was in my bedroom, contemplating ways to punch a hole in the clouds. Helicopters with large swatches of fabric? Huge fans? I was laying in bed wondering when I felt something in the room and sat up, looking towards the ceiling.

A pair of huge corporeal hands reached down for me, taking my hand in both of His, lifting me towards the ceiling. I felt my spirit lift from my body as He brought me towards Him, like a daughter to her Daddy.

I'd always wondered what I would really do if the Second Coming happened in my lifetime. Would He even take me? Would I be begging Him to forgive me? Would I be frightened of his wrath? I could definitely picture myself reacting like Hercules when Zeus first appeared to him in the Disney movie! As a Christian, I should have been sure that I would go to heaven, but you never really knew until the day came...right? After all, we're all sinners- and though I'm not the worst of the lot (at least I hope not), I'm certainly not the cream of the crop either!

As He lifted me to the ceiling, all I could see was a ghostly pair of arms and hands, not His face. Yet I knew it was Him. God came for me.

A floodgate of relief and gratefulness made me cry out only one thing. "Thank You Jesus...Thank You." Tears came unbidden; I choked back a sob as I headed for the ceiling, and to Glory. I was going home.

Or so I thought.

Just as I'd reached the corner of the ceiling (and wondering what it would be like to actually go through a wall), I felt my spirit pull back gently back into my body as I began to wake up, my heart racing from the experience, tears wetting my pillow. I woke up elated, yet a little disappointed that it wasn't real. Or was it a hint of what was to come? I got up to write this post, my heart still thumping as if I had just been running.

My heart is still racing as I write this at nearly three o'clock in the morning. I have to keep wiping away tears so I can type!

I've had visions in the past, so I know the difference between visions and dreams. This was no dream.

There is excitement, joy, immense gratefulness and a peace in me that didn't exist before. I hope that it stays in my heart until He calls me again. I know He will call me. He just assured me of that.

And I will answer. With open arms.

Thank You, Jesus. Thank You.


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