Monday, February 17, 2014

One Little Phrase- One Big Impact!

Have you ever read something that swats you right upside the head?

I was reading a book for my women's fellowship called Your Beautiful Purpose. At first I really didn't want to read it (love to read, hate homework), but after a few pages the author Susie Larson seemed to be talking directly to me. I love when that happens.

I had almost finished the required chapter when a phrase caught my eye-

What do I replay in my head? His promises or my problems?


Those words hit me like a ram on a roller coaster.

Lately my focus was not on God, but on the problems. Even when I prayed.

Most of the time I would pray "God please get us out of this" or "God please fix this"- I remembered to say please, but I forgot to say thank you! One of the fundamental lessons we teach our kids, and I blew it big time.

All I could see were the problems, and I would pray; then see they weren't fixed yet, so I'd pray again- all without thanking God for listening and working behind the scenes to do what's best for me. Even if that meant I had to wait for deliverance. 

Then again, maybe He was just waiting for me the thank Him. What's the magic words, Beth? I hear Him saying, What's the magic words?

Thank you Lord, for all you have done for me. And no, I'm not clasping my hands behind my back, staring at my toe dragging through the dirt. I lift my chin, smile, and thank Him with a grateful heart. Because I don't want to focus on my problems anymore.

Oh, my problems are still there, but I'm done worrying about them. I might lose my focus on His promises again (after all, how many times did the Hebrews do that even after He saved them from Egypt?), but I made sure I wrote that phrase down within eyeshot of my desk, just so I can remind myself of my folly follies and replay the right things in my head this time- like His promises!


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