Monday, April 7, 2014

Time Warped

It hardly ever seems to be the right time.

I wrote a book, and I thought I'd have it ready for the agent by now. But God has other plans and is making me wait- and that's a good thing. I've already thought of a few more extras to add to the manuscript since I sent it out to be critiqued. When I get it back I'll be excited all over again; I can make the changes, additions and improvements needed to make my book a spectacular read.

However, I planted seeds for my garden a little over a week ago, thinking they might be ready for planting by next month, and some of them grew so fast I have to re-pot them now.

I'm rarely in sync with God's timing- though it's awesome when it happens!

Sometimes it's funny when it happens. Like the time I was stopped at a light under a tree after a cold rain a few summers back, and God sent a little freezing cold raindrop through the infinitesimal crack in my window, right into the volcanic heart of my armpit. I sucked all the oxygen out of the car, my gasp was so huge- but it made me stop complaining about the heat!

Sometimes it's a blessing to others. We knew a family in need, and as I made my way down the second floor steps to leave, I noticed the kids forgot to put away the toilet paper left in the hall. I snagged a few rolls and put them in the bag with the food and other items we were donating to the family. 
The woman of the house made a beeline for me before I made it up to her steps. "You're a lifesaver!" she said, hugging me hard and ignoring the food entirely. "How did you know we were out of toilet paper?"
I had to confess to her that wasn't me- it was God's timing. He knew, and made my kids lazy just so I could snag a few rolls for her. I was very glad to be a part of her blessing.

Other times it's just me and God, simpatico. There are times when I have to catch a series of buses and manage to make all of them, one right after another, or just as I'm leaving the house to go shopping, someone comes along and gives me a financial blessing (one time it was the tax refund in the mail, another time someone owed my husband something for work he did in their house). I love, love, love when that happens!

It's always good to look back on these situations when I'm not-so-in-sync with the Big Guy. I'm either being impatient (which is often the case), or I'm being exceptionally pig-headed (which unfortunately, is also often the case.) I have to remember that His timing is not mine, and cherish the times when our clocks are moving at the same speed.

I just have to learn to stop playing with the pendulums!


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