Monday, May 12, 2014

Big Blessings in Little Packages

I never put much thought into the little everyday things I do. As a housewife, my day includes a lot of small tasks that don't seem significant at the time, but produce big results- sometimes in unexpected ways.

Not in the way of family appreciation- I no longer wait for that particular train to arrive- but in a sense of accomplishment because I know I did a good job. Oh my family appreciates me, but how they express it varies:

I know I've made a good meal when dinnertime is quiet and the pans are empty. 

I know I've kept up on straightening when no one breaks a leg when walking in the living room.

I know I've kept up on cleaning by the lack of comments about Buick-sized dust bunnies rolling about like domestic tumbleweeds across the vast expanses of the carpet.

Silence, is indeed, golden.

I used to think no one cared- now I know they don't- unless something goes wrong. Only then do I hear about it. So I've learned that a quiet house is a happy house.

Just because no one notices the little things I do doesn't mean these chores are worthless. Wiping off a counter or doing the dishes does bless the family as a whole, as well as making sure everyone has good food in their bellies and clean clothes- though my son could care less about the latter, I save millions of lives each day from "Toxic Boy Stench" by making him wear the clean stuff every morning.

You're welcome.

Picking up shoes and folding throws on the couch isn't a glorious job- it's a glorified one. It's not always easy, or fun, or stress-free, but it's a job that has more benefits than any other job I've ever had. And I've had a lot.

My job makes my family happy, therefore making God happy. And I really want to make God happy- I don't want to be responsible for making Him grumpy. Ever. 

God knows what I do is important- I'm the one that tends to forget that fact. So I make posts like these to remind myself and hopefully bless others.

Little chores add up to big blessings- just like a house can only be built one brick at a time!


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