Monday, February 9, 2015

Many Hats

I wear a lot of hats.

Not literally of course- my hairdo would be a hairdon't- I'm speaking figuratively. I have more hats and Dolly Parton has wigs.

The mom hat alone has many tiny hats within it. The cook, taxi, maid, referee and coach hats are all included under this single chapeau. But I do wear others.

My writer's hat has a band about it, sporting all of my notes, outlines, and drafts. It's a heavy hat sometimes, but also really cool because the band can hold a lot- many a tree has been sacrificed so I could jot down whatever comes to mind. This hat also has several pen and pencil holders for convenience.

My crafter's hat is sparkly, soft, and can turn into a bowl to hold all of my origami beads, quilting thread, or pins for tacking straps to tote bags. The rainbow and unicorn fabric helps me to get inspirated (not inspired- inspirated means a really fun idea, not the high-falootin' ideas the word 'inspired' sounds like it gives) to do fun and funky creations. Just looking at this hat makes me grin like a Cheshire cat.

The housekeeping hat should be part of the mom hat, but I refuse to tack it on. This hat is best stored in a closet somewhere, and is made of a drab, itchy wool that I can't stand and hate wearing. I tried burning it, but apparently it's flameproof- or my husband keeps replacing it with a new one. The band holds the cleaning spray bottle, rags, and vacuum attachments. Ugh.

The wife hat is a fun hat. It has purple sequins on it and plays music so I can dance with my husband any time I want. A rose is tucked into the brim for impromptu tango sessions, and smells of chocolate to keep me smiling. This hat also comes with glasses that always puts my husband in the best light, and helps me to see all the good within him. I think both of us like this hat a lot.

The organizational guru hat has many pockets for organizing things, as well as a pad and pen holder for scheduling. This is probably the hardest of the hats to wear, because there just isn't enough time in the day to schedule wearing all of the other hats and this one! But this hat got me through becoming a hoarder (though I admit it got lost for a time in all of the clutter), so I won't toss it in a closet or set it on fire. 
This hat isn't one of my favorite hats, but it helps me get everything organized so we can keep appointments and walk around the house without tripping over things.

I wear a lot of hats. This post would be a lot longer had I listed all of them. Finding a way to balance all of these hats is the hardest thing to do sometimes- and other times nearly impossible. So I hunker down, slap a hat on, and get the job done to the best of my ability- because God bestowed me with a hat I can never take off- it's shiny and white and reminds me that I am His- and no matter what I do, He is always there for me- no matter which other hat I'm wearing!


Unknown said...

Thanks, I keep forgetting about that shiny white one. It makes all the others worth it, even the hard ones.

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