Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm Biznofrenic!

There I go again- inventing words!

Biznofrenic means I want to start not just one business, but twenty of them. I just don't have the means or the business degrees to get started.

I'm always coming up with ideas for businesses I'd love to run- anything from a bed and breakfast to a cafe, a creative arts retail store to combination fabric outlet and quilter's retreat- you name it, I probably thunk it. 

If I was a millionaire, I'd probably spend it all starting new businesses, then having others help me run the darn things because I just can't handle twenty different venues at once. But you need the million to make the million, so everything remains written down as concepts in several notebooks, note pads and post-its.

Basically I want to make my own Disney-like mall that would contain all kinds of shops and buildings for your shopping and relaxing pleasure. Imagine if you will, an Inn tucked away within the woods, complete with walking trails, bike paths, scenic spots with benches, and bird watching/feeding stations. 

Now imagine a restaurant that had it's own farm with enough acreage for animals and beekeeping (as far from folk as possible of course!), complete with greenhouses for the winter months. The greenhouses are self-sustaining with embedded tanks filled with fresh fish to supply the food-bearing plants with nutrients, supplying the restaurant with fresh organic ingredients all year long. You can grow a million pounds of food on just a few acres this way!
Not to mention scenic spots landscaped for wedding parties- and a gazebo, maybe two.

Next would be the conference hall that would allow speakers to speak, specialized teachers to hold classes, have conferences for businesses, writers, or anyone else that had a large group and no where to teach them. During the slow periods, I'd have local businesses come in and to train those willing homeless or low-income folk for new skills. 
This of course would be near the restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks (free for the trainers and trainees of course)- with my husband's freshly made pies for dessert.

And the shopping!

Stores would have art and high-quality crafts from local artisans, as well as fun stores that sell toys, games and all those cool, goofy things that encourage kids to have fun. A bookstore is a must, and would have it's own section for self-published works from the locals (if they're good, that is!) 
Maybe even a T-shirt shop, complete with a computer system where you can design your own shirts- oh yeah-coolness overload right there. And tie-dye workshops- gotta have that too. Let's not forget the fabric store (and tie-dyed quilting fabrics!) who would work with the artisan shop to display fantastic fabric art and hold competitions for the locals. 

And a church. Nothing fancy, but one that's filled with the love of God and the Spirit of serving others. A church that makes you feel like your home when you walk through the doors. A church to make God smile.

Twice a year we'd hold a fair on the entire grounds, complete with funnel cakes, cotton candy, and all the fun food and rides you can think of, complete with contests and challenges for both the vendors and visitors for total family fun. 

Wouldn't you love to spend time at a place like this? And this is just off the top of my head! I can safely say I'm a Biznofrenic. I think you'd agree.

And all I need is a few million under my belt. That's not much to it?


Unknown said...

Sounds perfect! You have my vote!

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