Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Scarecrow and Me

Remember The Wizard of Oz when the scarecrow wishes he had a brain?

Oh yeah- I feel you, buddy. I wish I had a brain too!

Not only did I forget to post on Monday, I forgot a myriad of other things, both important, and unimportant. And I haven't the foggiest what those things are.

It's terrible to forget things. It's like someone hit the 'Pause' button in my brain, stopping all functions until the controller get back from her bathroom break- but the controller is me, and instead of unpausing, I wind up doing housework, or looking at Facebook.

This does not bode well for my future.

This week was a plethora of predicaments that I managed to save through some clever thinking. 

My phone died- not good when you just got a driving job and need the GPS, and can't charge your phone. Got the new phone- no internet access, hence no GPS. Spent two days dealing with phone calls and store services, dealing with people that 'just don't do that kind of thing here'. 

I finally found someone competent, and they had me up and running within two minutes.

Errands had me all over the planet, only finding that I could have made a more circular route had I actually remembered to bring everything with me, instead of leaving this or that at the house. This in a van that gets minus thirteen miles per gallon. Joy and Rapture.

My daughter graduated, and we forgot the tickets. We forgot the tickets- not me. Even though I was the only one that knew where they were. Luckily for me the guy in charge knew me well from both my kids attending his school since forever, and let us in anyway. Whew!

This morning I awoke with a start- I forgot to reset the alarm (since my husband took off yesterday for her graduation), and we woke up an hour late. When it rains (like this morning) I have several people to pick up for his work as well (two brothers and a cousin this time), and we had ten minutes to get ready and out of the house. Not only did we manage that, but I had thrown together his breakfast and lunch before we left. 
Okay, so it was a lunch bag full of shredded rotisserie chicken, some cheese, a tomato and a cinnamon bun, but it was enough for him to make at least two or three sandwiches, depending on how much bread he kept at work for just such an occasion. (He had plenty.)

Did I also mention I'm face painting this weekend, and I forgot to take pictures to display? I have a new and improved kit, and need new shots of everything. My daughter is in for a surprise- she's going to be my canvas and model for the next few hours. Happy graduation, sweetie!

And then of course, I'm doing my editing this morning, and noticed there was a gap in my blogging dates. Monday seemed to be missing....

If I only had a, doo doo-doo doo do..

It's not easy to be a mom, wife, homemaker, writer, face painter, and whatever else I do around here. But it sure does make life a lot more interesting!


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