Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finding Joy

I miss being a kid.

My daughter goes to a high school that specializes in animals and agriculture. She also volunteers at a horse therapy ranch after school twice a week and Saturdays, and is an avid horse fan- the horses are also fans of hers!

Sometimes she gets the chore of 'field picking'. This simply means she gets to walk all over the pasture, cleaning up horse poo. None of the other volunteers likes doing this job. My daughter loves it.

I never said she was an ordinary kid.

One afternoon she came home with a big grin on her face. "I got to pick the field again!" she exclaimed.
"You sound happy about that." I replied with a grin. "Why do you sound so happy about that?"
She just smiled and said, "Because it's peaceful and quiet, and I get a chance to think and pray about stuff- and since no one else wants the job, people leave me alone to do it."

Wow. Who knew field picking could be joyful? But she found a way. She's amazing.

I remember the Mary Poppins movie where Mary tells her charges " Find the fun, and the job becomes a game." I want to amend that by saying "Find the joy and the job becomes a blessing!"

Sometimes my kids are my best teachers.

It doesn't matter what you do in this life, as long as you find joy in it. If there isn't joy, you might be in the wrong employment! God doesn't give a hoot what you do, as long as you're doing it for Him.

With joy.

I need to apply this thought to everything I do- including housework. Maybe every task I take will become a piece of cake if I find the joy in it. And not only would I bless myself and God, I'd bless my family too!


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