Monday, May 16, 2016

The Click Moment

Ever have a moment when you hear something and clarity just clicks in?

Mine happened eleven years ago.

I was in a church, but felt I was not where God wanted me. I had to move on. But where would I go? I had started going to church late in life, and had no idea just how confusing the world of Christianity would be. So many churches, so little knowledge!

Then I met a golden retriever named Spunky. His owner and I had a chat, and she mentioned her neighbor, Hershey (a Chocolate Labradoodle) was the owner of a pastor and his wife. I went to talk to Hershey to see if it was all right to talk to his owners.

He was delighted.

I told them that my church taught that we had to do good works and be as good as possible in order to get into heaven. The congregants kept to themselves and didn't encourage talking with 'outsiders'. 
Maybe that was the reason I left- God made me a bigmouth- it was my nature to talk to everyone!

Then the pastor's wife said something I'll never forget- 'We don't do good works to get into heaven- we do good works out of gratefulness to God for sacrificing His Son for us.'

This was my Click Moment.

I was busting my hump trying to be as good as possible, falling into near despair when I failed. And I failed a lot. God wasn't saying not to try to be our best, but if we do things for Him, by Him, and through Him, it doesn't matter if we succeed or fail- God sees the effort given as blessed, and blesses us for it.
In fact, when we fail it just gives us another opportunity to go to God and ask for forgiveness, strength, or perseverance- sometimes all three! God doesn't care if we are a CEO of a corporation or a street sweeper- if we're doing our best (and frankly, by biblical standards, our very poor best) for His glory, He will bless the work- and us.

That Click Moment changed my life. I no longer felt constantly depressive and worthless when I failed, and wasn't as afraid to go to God.  I always thought He was standing there with His arms folded, glaring at me for messing things up...again. I began to see Him as someone who understood, who smiled and accepted my failings (and me) with open arms, ready to help me try again.

God is good. All the time. As for me? Not so much. But God is patient (extremely patient when it comes to me), and willing to help me do what He needs me to do.

That Click Moment changed my life, but also changed the lives of my husband and kids, because we live in the same house and they have to deal with me daily. And when they have a Click Moment, life changes again- usually for the better. 

God is so good!

Have you had a Click Moment? I'd love to hear about it! :)


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