Monday, June 6, 2016

Momming 101

I never saw myself as a homebody.

I also never saw myself as a career woman either. I was just a woman who worked a myriad of interesting jobs until I was married, then pregnant.

Egad- I was going to be a mother. Me. A woman who didn't know a thing about changing diapers or keeping a house clean.

That's what at-home moms do...right? Cook, clean and take care of the kids- that's the job.

And I was so not qualified.

I gave birth at home both times. When I was pregnant with my son (my first born), people asked me what I wanted- I wanted puppies. Puppies I knew how to care for- not these little people that made messes and diapers and needed training to become decent human beings!

Martha Stewart I ain't. Not even close.

But I decided that when I gave birth, no matter what, I'd be an at-home mom. 
Egad, what did I get myself into?

Well, I learned to clean, because kids make messes. I learned that newborns poop mustard for about a month and will wake me at the most ungodly hours demanding food and attention. I also learned that baby giggles were the best sounds in the universe, you get the best expressions when letting them taste lemons, and that a small container of baby powder will cover an entire porch in clouds of fine, white dust.

I also learned that I was more of a homebody that I admitted- even to myself.

I liked staying home and seeing my babies grow. I liked teaching them new things and showing them new flora and fauna on trips around the neighborhood. I liked making meals, sewing cute costumes, and playing games on the dining room floor.

And I liked being an at-home mom. I still do.

No one is more surprised by this than me. Though I do admit, I never did like cleaning. Ever.

Now my kids are almost grown and considering college. I am running out of people to raise! Oh sure, I have the cats, but they won't ever leave the house and start a life of their own- unless I leave the front door open by accident.

My momming days are almost over. Sort of. I guess I'll have to mom my kids from afar, via texts and phone calls. Either that, or move in with them. But no, they'd probably make me pay rent. Or clean. Ugh.

I'm still not Martha Stewart. My house is a mess. Teenagers aren't neat creatures. I'm hoping when they leave the nest, the mess will go with them. I also fear that the neater my house becomes, the emptier it will feel- at least after my husband and I celebrate the first few weeks of being alone for the first time since the first year of our marriage! 

I know my job will never be done. My role will simply change. I'll be the one they come to for financial advice (you know, the same advice they ignored when they lived with me), relationship tips and tricks, and eventually coming to me for Momming 101 (or Dadding 101 for my son). 

I never saw myself as a homebody, but I am. Even with all the jobs I have now, I'm working my way back to at-home work so I can be there for my kids. My teenagers still need me (just don't tell them that- they'll deny it vehemently), and I want to be there as much as I can before they test their wings.

I never saw myself as a career woman, but I am. Momming is a career- don't let anyone tell you differently! No one does as much as a parent does. No one has as much effect in the world as moms and dads do. By shaping our kids, we shape the future. How awesome is that?

Raising kids is the best non-paying job in the universe. At least concerning monetary non-payment. I accept payments in hugs, kisses, and the words 'You were right after all, Mom.' That last one, as far as I'm concerned, is worth a bazillion dollars!


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