Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Within The Shadows

I wrote this a few years back and thought I'd share it with you!

Within the Shadows
by Beth Brubaker

Santa, sleighs and colors bright,
illuminate the dark of night,
but do not glorify the plight
of the baby in the shadows.

Oh, the glitter- how it shines!
From sparkling gifts and glittered twine,
distracting us from the Divine
the toddler in the shadows.

Songs are sung of snowman's tales
of reindeer's nose and Grinchy fails,
but no one hears His love prevails
from the child within the shadows.

Fam'lies gathered, parties planned
for feast of food and music grand
how can we see the pleading hand
of the child within the shadows?

Did we forget what God did lose?
He spent His Son to pay our dues
and sent His Son as a babe imbued
within a manger's shadows.

The child, when grown to man will give
His life for us so we may live
When we believe and then forgive
blessed by the Man in shadow.

The lights, the gifts lose their array
inane songs fade when He comes our way
and we can celebrate the day
He brought us from the shadows!


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