Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Country Roads, Take Me Home

So much to do...and see!

When we weren't fixing up the house or unpacking (which we are still doing, by the way), we went sightseeing and checked out the local scenery. Some of the views were spectacular! Unfortunately, I can't share some sights because stopping on a two-lane mountain road to take pictures when everyone is doing seventy is a big no-no.

Please forgive the windshield.

Though sometimes, the traffic was sparse, and we could.

That was the first two weeks. Then things started to get colorful. Unfortunately, our cameras don't capture the depth of the colors- but they were so pretty!

The sunsets were pretty too...

And then we had our first frost. As the sun rose, the trees protected some of the crystals- this was across our street...

It gets below freezing at night now, yet the days are surprisingly warm- in the sixties. 

Neighbors are already asking what we're doing with the store, and after we tell them, they ask when we plan to open the bakery cafe. Yikes-We haven't finished unpacking yet!

We still don't have internet or phone service. It's a blessing, not a hindrance, because we have more house repairs to do than expected. But, if we don't get connected soon, our daughter won't be able to do her college classes online come the spring semester, and we can't get our cooking videos out like we'd planned.

We're still hopeful and optimistic, though! God is good, and this could be just another lull before the last big push to get the store up and running. Whatever He has planned, we'll do. All we ask is that you keep us in prayer. If two or three pray, it's a powerful thing, so imagine if everyone who reads this prays- that's super powerful!

I hope you enjoyed some of our country roads!


Stephen Keefer said...

Love it! Alot of memories riding up and down those roads. Praying for you guys, Sending lots of love! Please make sure you reach out to us for help! We will be there with any remodeling you need a hand with!

With Love,
Kim, Ryan and Stephen
The Keefer Family

Shirley said...

We have been thinking of you and praying too, adjustments and work abound. Good to 'do the next thing'. Love your writing... poignant, honest, humorous and interesting. Love sent your way from the weavers farm.

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