Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Trouble With Being Multi-Talented

God has bestowed me with many gifts. Don't take that as a brag, because it truly isn't. People have told me many times (without my asking, mind you), that I'm so talented at (fill in the blank with whatever I just did), that I should:

1) start my own business,
2) go to a publisher, or
3) Get on stage/TV show.

Though I have a myriad of talents, I feel I'm not even close to being expert enough to do any of these things.

I am the poster child for Jacqueline of All Trades, Mistress of None.

In fact, I sometimes wish I had less talent, just so I could focus more on what's left! It's like tossing a dog 5 different balls at the same time- he's so busy trying to get all of them, he doesn't get any of them. That's me. It would be a lot easier to have one talent and at least know where God wants me to be. In my case, the Lord and I are going to have a long talk- I'm going to ask for a definite answer as to what He wants me to do, because I can't seem to catch any of those balls I've been tossed.

Well, okay- that's not entirely true. I did ask God what he wants me to focus on a while back (I asked God to show me a cardinal if He wanted me to write, and He did- two days later!), so I know writing is supposed to be my main focus, but good grief- do you know how much stuff I have to write about? I have about ten children's books partially written, at least two fantasy novels (one is written, one is a series of notes), two cookbooks, many short stories, a woman's lit book (much like Erma Bombeck's stuff, but more blunt), quilting books, crafting books, and Lord knows what else that's up in my file folders. And I have notes everywhere for more book ideas.

So now I need to narrow that down. A lot. I'm a dog with twenty tennis balls being tossed at him...uh...her. And right now I'm working on all of them, a bit at a time. You'd think being a writer would be easy!

Things I don't have time to do, I could write about at least- but writing takes longer. Much longer. I'm better off just doing the crafts and selling them at shows than to write a book about how to make them! My kids will be grown (and have already grown out of some) by the time I'm finished writing all those children's stories. They might even be in college by then.

You'd think children's books would be easier because they're shorter, but the opposite is true. Basically, you have to introduce a character, have a problem, then solve it, all within about 200 words. And no big words, please- that's a no-no. I'm good at poetry, so I thought I could do a Dr. Suess type rhyming book, but he was a super genius when it came to topics (like the Lorax- saving the environment- the star-bellied Sneeches, about racism), so that would be a challenge. A pretty cool challenge though- One I could definitely have fun with!

Let's just say there's more to write about than I will ever have time for- and that's if I have no more ideas in the meantime. We all know my brain never shuts off (even at night), so I'll need to live to be about 400 or so. That's another thing I'll be putting on the 'Requests to God' list.

Can you see why I'm having so much trouble? So please don't envy those that have more than one talent when you 'only have one'- at least you know where to focus all your creative energy!

Think of it this way...It's a lot easier to juggle one ball than twenty! Right?

Now I need to take my list to God and have that talk before school let's out. God bless, and have a great day!


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