Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Those Beautiful 'Duh!' Moments

Ever do something so monumentally silly that you just have to laugh at yourself?

I've done more than I could ever tell.

Today started out well. I got the kids to school, re-potted plants to donate to the elementary school Mother's Day plant sale, and looked in the fridge for some leftovers for lunch. That is when things turned to the dark side.

I didn't find much, but there was some leftover mashed potatoes and baked ham, so I popped the potatoes in the microwave, looking forward to having that whilst munching on cold ham slices. I have simple tastes, especially when I don't feel like cooking.

About halfway into the heating cycle, I smelled something odd emanating from the depths of the microwave- and it wasn't mashed potatoes. I looked through the microwave window, saw the stuff boiling, and quickly hit the 'stop' button. Mashed potatoes don't boil- at least mine don't. You can plaster bricks together with the stuff, it's so thick.

So what on earth was it?

Then this really sweet smell hit me, and I groaned. What I thought was mashed potatoes was really a batch of homemade Irish Potato candy. And I cooked it. At least partially.

I yanked the bowl out of the microwave and stirred it up quickly, hoping to disperse the heat enough that I didn't ruin it. But since it was already boiling, I might have created a big bowl of hard candy instead, once it's cooled down enough.

Not wanting to be negative about this (as I usually am), I've promised myself for every negative thought (if I caught myself doing it), I would try to come up with at least two positives. So here goes.

Negative Nelly: I ruined the candy!

Positive Polly: I either made the batch thicker and creamier, or possibly invented the first ever batch of coconut cream hard candy- and since it's so huge, maybe Guinness World Records will be interested!

Ah...... I feel better already! Don't you?

Other 'Duh!' moments from my past are now great stories to tell at parties. And no, I'm not telling them here, because 'm putting them in my book- so if you want to read about it, you'll have to wait until I'm published. Please let the publishers know I'm going to be ready to send them the book this year! If you do, I'll make sure to sign your copy- with hearts and kissy faces.

I'm so glad I have my 'Duh!' moments- They make life so much more interesting! Some moments need a little distance before they're funny, whether that
distance be in time or mileage, but they are still beautiful nonetheless. Like slobbery dog kisses or that finger-painting your kids did on the couch cushions- you cherish them in your mind and heart like rare jewels after the fact.

Even if that jewel is a big ol' honkin' slab of solid Irish Potato candy.

I wonder what it would go for on Ebay?


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Ah, sounds like that could rank right up with my cinnamon flavored tacos! Grabbed guess what instead of the chili powder....Oops.

Let me know if you find a market for your culinary experiment....maybe there would be a market for mine..

Keith Wallis said...

I've a 'duh' moment that tops most.
I'm a bit 'gooey' over babies and am often first at church to view and cuddle new arrivals. I had to wait until after service to 'greet' one such and so I went charging into the creche with the words "I've come for an oggle". Which seemed surprisingly inappropriate ........... as the infant was at that moment being breast fed !

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