Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mind Blowing Weightloss Discoveries!

You hear it all over the place. 'Take this and lose twelve pounds a day!' or 'Drink/Eat this and lose weight overnight!' It's all over our world, thanks to TV, radio and all of those other media devices that give me a headache just thinking about them. But do any of these 'diets' really work?

Some conglomerates have turned dieting into a business, making 'special' diet foods just for us fatties who need to look like Tyra Banks for that wedding next week (Love you Tyra, if you're reading this!). But the funny thing is, I have never seen a thin person eating any of these specially-made meals. Ever.

Thin people don't eat diet food! Nor do they take diet pills (at least those who are naturally thin). So what gives? Do they have some great secret?

Yep. And I've been watching those teeny-weenies just to learn it. (insert evil chuckle here) Want to know what it is?

I'm not going to tell you yet. But read what I did to learn the answer.

I watched as thin people ate. They enjoyed their food without it being the center point of their lives. And when they were full, they stopped eating. Even if they went to one of those all-you-can-eat buffets. If that was me, I'd get my money's worth three times over and waddle out of that place in serious need of an ambulance and some Tums.

What did they eat? Some had salad, some had fried foods, but most of them enjoyed the same stuff we do- they just didn't overdo it. And they drank water along with the regular drinks during the meal. Nothing really special, and no 'diet' platters. Not even diet soda.

But what do thin people do? I watched this also, and I can tell you that they are quite active. Moving almost all the time, but not always 'exercising'. Walking, taking the steps instead of the elevator...even moving as they sit at their desks in the office! And yes, some skinnies went to the gym, but they were more into the track and cardio stuff than weight training.

It sounds eerily familiar, doesn't it? Could it be that the answer is so simple? Could it be that there is no miracle drug or processed food that can make us thin overnight? And the worst thought yet- could it be that I might have to work to get this weight off?

The answer is....yes, dagnabbit. The Great Secret, the Skinny on the Skinny is this; these people get thin and stay that way is to....*gasp* Diet and Exercise.

And I don't mean 'diet' as in 'starve yourself until you faint', but 'see what your body needs and give it that'. Don't eat until you're stuffed- eat until you're body is satisfied- and that's usually portions about the size of your fist. Thin people don't usually eat a lot- unless they have the metabolism of a rabbit on caffeine.

Most thin people don't go to a gym, because they're constantly moving. I see them walking their dogs, jogging on the park trails, or just walking around the block on their work break. Not all do, but most of the people I watched did!

They enjoyed food without using it to comfort themselves. Weird. They actually liked walking a few miles in the park. I like walking when it's not too hot/cold/humid/dry/sunny/rainy or snowy. Okay, that's a lie; I like walking in the park during low humidity when the sun is out and it's abut 72.6 degrees. I think it happens twice a year. Then I start to sweat and make my way home.

I decided to take matters into my own hands- I talked to these thin people. And guess what? Some had tried the diet pills, or the conglomerates, and they only offered temporary results (and some lovely side effects). But when they changed their diets (some had food allergies to their surprise!) and started moving on a regular basis, their weight came off. For some it took a few weeks (just a few pounds) and for others it took months or years, depending on how much they wanted to lose. But they did it.

Some were thin all their lives and just lived life, not really understanding how someone could have 'let themselves go' like that. Let's just say there were some interesting conversations!

All in all, there is no quick fix. There is no rapid weight loss plan out there, unless you plan on working out six hours a day like they do on Biggest Loser. Basically, if you plan on sitting there like a lump, all you get is bigger, fatter lumps.

As for me, I'm going to the gym to work off my lumps, but I realize I need to do more cardio. Walking and swimming will be the first two on the list. Walking, because it gets me out of the house, and swimming because fat floats! And I like being in the water.

Strange but true....Diet and exercise as the answer! Who would've thunk it?


Sally said...

I loved this post Beth. We all need to stop looking for the "quick fix" to weight loss and get out there and move. I know I definitely feel loads better inside when I take some strenuous hikes with my family. Now I just have to get better at eating only till I'm full. That one is going to need more practice for sure.

By the way, I have used the word "dagnabbit" in talking with others before but have never seen it in writing. I love it.


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Yep, portion sizes - and how many are the real key as well as exercise. Things I used to do regularly, then life got in the way, menopause hit, and I got older....result? A little bigger me. Time to adjust, and get back where I need to be. Great post, great reminders and encouragement. Thanks, Beth.

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