Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

One of my favorite commercials is when the dad is riding the cart filled with school supplies like a little kid, and his kids look completely miserable, all to the tune of 'It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year". And I know exactly how that guy feels!

I love my kids more than chocolate, but they can work a nerve like nobodies business! If it isn't my son arguing with me about everything from dinner to dust specks, it's my daughter coming in-and-out of the house every 3.2 seconds asking if she can take the contents of her room outside to play.

The downside is I lost my workforce concerning chores, and no water-fetchers when I'm thirsty. I have to get my own water now, but the price for this extra cardio workout is worth the price- the freedom to raid the fridge without sharing! I swear those kids could be dead asleep in bed on the second floor, and I'd be under a bathtub in the basement with sound-proof padding all around me, open a candy bar, and they'd be there before the second crinkle of candy wrap, asking for some.

Call me a bad role model, but sometimes I just don't want to share my stuff with the kids! Especially if it's related to chocolate. And forget about opening a new bag of chocolate chips because you had a PMS moment- it could be hidden in the pantry for five years, but the second you open it, get a handful and tuck it back in it's hiding place and leave the area, they descend upon it like rabid weasels, eating the entire thing when you're not looking. A little later you go back for another handful, only to find they left the shredded remnants of the bag behind.

When the kids are at school, the moms will play!

Yesterday I ate lunch all by myself while reading a magazine. I nearly fainted from bliss! And I get to do it again today!

Not to mention I also get to do what I want, watch what I want, and play all the music I want! If this isn't heaven, it's pretty darn close. Right now, I'm a happy camper!

Until the shiny wears off and I truly start to miss my kids (okay, I miss them a little but I'm enjoying myself too much right now), I am going to turn up my music, sew in my sewing room, write on my laptop, and eat lunch while watching my programs with no interruptions. It's almost like a vacation!

Let the adventure begin!


Nina Knox said...

Hi Beth,
It's so nice to meet you through Ruby for Women. I enjoyed your post and had to stop on over to tell you. I'm a little older than you, but I can still remember feeling just like you when school finally started again! The way you tell it brought a smile to my face! Now my kids are grown and every day is a "school day". Takes a little getting used to at first, but it's a good thing!
Nina Knox

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