Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Memory?

I have a mind like a sieve- with a big hole punched through it. Especially this morning.

As we awoke the the annoying beep of our alarm clock, my husband and I discussed that since today was Wednesday, I was to take the car to the mechanic to be fixed. I had it written down, so I actually remembered- at least until I got downstairs. Apparently there is a space/time continuum on the stairway, so it was Wednesday before I made it downstairs, yet by the time I got to the bottom of the step, it became Thursday.

It was Thursday, even though I knew the car had to go in for repair.
It was Thursday even though my kids have off Thursday and Friday, yet I was taking my daughter to school, and my son already left on his bus.
It was Thursday, and I had to check our account to see just how much food money we had, even though I had no way of getting to the store because I had no car, once I took the thing to the mechanic. Space/time continuum's can mess with your head. A lot.

I went into the account and noticed there was no deposit. He was not paid for the week. I panicked, because I had no money to go food shopping in a car I wouldn't have. I called my husband to see if they gave him a check instead.

I should have never called my husband.

With a concerned tone I told my story, only to hear silence on the other end. Then he told me in the most understanding, slightly amused voice that it was indeed Wednesday, not Thursday. I could hear him shaking his head and grinning. Then he told me I was losing it- and I had absolutely no way to argue the point. Dagnabbit.

So the time vortex disappeared, and it's now Wednesday again. Surprisingly I still have the car, my daughter is waiting patiently for me to finish this post so I can take her to school, and I have vowed to only do physical labor today, as my brain has temporarily turned to tapioca.

Mmmm...tapioca. Now I'm hungry. Maybe I'll have breakfast- oh wait, I already did.

I take solace in the fact that if I'm in fact losing my memory, I won't remember today by tomorrow- or maybe even an hour from now. But I'm sure my husband, ol' what-his-name will remind me.

Now where did I put those car keys?


TIFFANY said...

Ha! Hope you found your keys! :)

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