Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Week, or Spring Break?

I still wonder how the school districts can still surprise me, but they do- every single time a holiday comes up.
It used to be Easter Break, but now it's called Spring Break. Spring Break? Isn't that for college kids? Apparently not anymore.

Most of the Christian holidays are renamed now, just to keep someone from being offended. But what about offending the Christians? Apparently no one is  worried about offending us, because we're supposed to be forgiving and wishy-washy- that's just the way we supposedly roll.

Or is it?

Maybe it's just me, but I'm seriously considering becoming a Christian Rebel- breaking out of that jello-mold others seem to put us in, and starting a club to let others know it's not okay to water down our holidays!

I keep hearing from school officials that all aspects of religious beliefs should be respected and presented every time one comes up. Jewish holidays are recognized, Kwanzaa is recognized, as are many others, but when it comes down to Christianity, they celebrate these holidays with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny- which have absolutely nothing to do with the real reasons we celebrate!

So in a society that is supposed to embrace all cultures, ours is getting squeezed out- by the schools, by the state, and by other religious sects that claim we should all be acknowledged? That doesn't sound like embracing all beliefs to me!

Does the book Animal Farm come to mind?

I'm thinking the pigs (in the book) have gotten too much power. The barn door now has so many addendums that the original ideas for freedom have been lost. In comparison to our constitution, the same changes are happening- and we might end up where the horse did if we don't start standing up for ourselves.

What we need now is to get a big eraser and start re-reading the basics- something here was definitely lost, and we lose more and more each day when we don't speak up. We need to start making some serious noise. Joyful noise. Courageous noise. And a noise that tells them that it's not Winter Break or Spring Break, but it's Christmas and Easter!


marygems said...

Beth- love it- yes and amen. I was in a cathedral Christmas Eve in Melbourne and the preacher said that because Christians are so P.C. we are not respected. Other religions would not give up what is vital to them- but Christians are expected too. He said that when we give way more and more to the demands of the godless- we are in fact being robbed and stolen from- without putting up a fuss- and this is not right! We should be more like Jesus with the money-changers in the Temple- and stand up for OUR rights to have OUR Faith- and that way the world may start to see us reinstated as a city on a hill that all men come to for their needs to be met. OH how I agree with you, sister!!!!

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