Friday, April 13, 2012

Just For Fun- Kitty Capers

My cats were at it again- and this time I captured them on film!

This first set started out as a simple pile of boxes...I was decluttering (again) and tossed them in a pile. Little did I know that someone would take that as an opportunity to play....

Let me introduce my two little characters. This is Boo-Boo:

 And this is Scootch.

And that's my daughter's coat he's laying on....Sigh.
(don't worry- it's fake fur!)

It all started with me hearing a rustling in one of the boxes. A mysterious appendage came creeping over one side of the box....

Then a pair of glowing eyes...

 Someone else heard the ruckus and decided to investigate...

He wasn't the only one- my daughter decided to break out the feather boa fishing rod, and that's all it took to get things in high gear!

Let's just say I now have a broken box, and some scattered debris from the stuff they disheveled from their revelry!

After that, Boo-Boo (now bored) decided to watch some Kitty TV. And what was on was really interesting, if a bit fuzzy....

He wasn't sure what he was seeing, so he asked for a second opinion from Scootch, and both kitties began chattering and swishing their tails so hard they thumped the windowsill like Indian drums...

I don't know if you can see him yet, but there is a critter out there- one who loves to showboat in front of my kitties- even with the windows open!
Shortly after this was taken, the beast took off and the cats tried following him to the back of the house, then the front, all the while running over (and into) anyone that was in their way. Needless to say Mr. Beast will be back again for another exciting episode of Kitty TV - coming soon!

An hour later there was something else to explore. My mom came for a visit, and Scootch found something completely irresistible on my mothers shoes! We know she didn't step in something, so maybe she walked across a catnip patch-
 we'll never know.

Oh WOW...what is that smell??

Maybe from another angle? Oh well, I'll just attack her foot then! ROWR!
(goofy animal!)

The cats followed her all over the house and when she left they were quite perturbed that she didn't leave her shoes behind.

It was a long, hard day (for cats) so they both took a power nap before dinner.

It's stuff like this that makes me want to be a cat- how about you?


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