Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The World is Like a Dark Room

I woke up the other morning when it was still dark outside, fumbling my way to the bathroom because I didn't want to wake anyone by turning on the lamp. However, I made the mistake of turning on the light when I got there- my eyeballs were assaulted by a searing yellow-white beam of man-made light, blinding me. My eyelids reacted like a mousetrap- slamming shut so fast I didn't have enough time to take in my surroundings. No amount of lid-muscle kept out the radioactive rays that danced in reverse shadow behind my eyes, as I made my way to where I needed to be by feel instead, hoping I wasn't blinded for life.
I tried opening my eyes a minute later, but they refused to budge, either by will or my trying to pry them open manually. My brain seemed to feel that my eyes were under attack, and overrode any orders from me.
But after a while the lights stopped dancing, and I was able to slowly open my eyes. Bit by bit I got used to the glare, and eventually the light was a welcome sight. 
Then I had an epiphany. This is just like man's relationship with God.

I know what you're thinking- 'How on earth did you come up with that idea?' Let's just say I'm probably not the only writer that had an epiphany in the bathroom. 

Here's the train of thought on the matter:

It's human nature to resist God, ever since The Fall. Our world is a black pit of a  room and we don't even realize it- we're just fumbling around in the dark. But then the light of God is turned on, our first instinct is to shy away from it, because we're not used to something so bright. Sometimes it hurts to see it and we shut our eyes as tight as possible, trying to keep all the light out. But you just can't do it. 
Soon you start cracking open an eyelid, letting in a little more light as you get used to it. Then a little more, and a little more. The more you're exposed to the light, the more you get used to it, and the more you begin to welcome it into your life, and you wonder how you made it through life, living so long in the darkness. 

Once you're used to the light, you look around, now fully aware of what you've been stumbling over when in the dark. You no longer have to stumble over unseen hindrances, feeling around for all of those hidden barriers- you can see everything as it is- and here's the best part- because you can see them, you can avoid most of those pesky obstacles. And for those you can't avoid, you can make your way over them easier because you can finally see a clear path. 

It's pretty amazing what happens whilst answering the Call of Mother Nature- or was it the Call of God? Either way, I think it's neat when God does stuff like that to me- like manna from heaven, only the manna are stories, and they nourish the soul!

All I have to say is that He's done this to me a lot, and I've learned to keep pens and paper handy, just in case- and yes, I've even learned to write in the dark, just so I don't wake anyone up!

May you become a beacon of His light, even as you're getting used to the light yourself!


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