Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a Big, Big House!

With lots and lots of room! Come on, sing it with me!

Why am I singing this song? Because this week we found a really nice house, and bid on it. Our bid was accepted, and now we are on our way to owning our very first house!

We haven't had a chance to get our own pictures taken of it, but I wanted to show all of you via the real estate pics. Please allow me to take you on a semi-virtual tour!

First, the outside. It's sunny around most of the house, and the front is mostly in shade. There is a shared driveway (which we can't park in because it's attached to everyone elses  parking spots, but is perfect for dropping off stuff into the yard. The street is a two lane street one way, so it's quiet, shaded and has decent parking. It's about five blocks from our church!

 Windows are all over! Here you see from left to right, the enclosed porch, living room and dining room windows, as well as the second story bedrooms. Did I mention there's a third floor? And a small attic? And a basement? Did I also mention we were thrilled when we found all that out?
 The backyard needs work, but my husband likes to landscape anyhow, so now he gets to play in the backyard along with the kids. Me, I'll be in the house. You'll see why in a few more pics. ;)
 This is the porch wall we share with the neighbors. No idea why they didn't get a pic of the actual porch, but imagine all white walls with a tan stone tile floor. Now imagine me sipping iced tea and reading a book here first thing in the morning!

*UPDATE- I took some extra pictures so you could see how awesome the porch is! Yep- that's stone tile on the floors!

 The living room is a lot bigger then it looks! Everything was redone and repainted. Move-in condition indeed! Of course, this will probably be the neatest it will ever be after we move in here.
 The dining room also has carpet- good that it's nice, bad that we will have to eat over it. Can you say 'area rug' and 'carpet cleaner' boys and girls? I knew you could!
 THIS is why I won't be outside much. Let him go play with weeds- I'll be too busy using my brand-new appliances baking bread and making all kinds of goodies on that new stove top!
 This is about all the counter space we have, but there is one wall next to the new fridge that I already have ideas for- like a drop-down shelf that can fold up against the wall until I need it- er..knead it for baking bread! It also has stone tile floors and the walls are tiled and easy to clean!

 *UPDATE-This picture and the next were ones I took during inspection. I love the natural light!

Now you know where the fridge is!Our old one is going to go in the basement for storage of the big stuff, since this fridge is smaller. My husband was the one who didn't want to switch them, stating that he wanted everything to match!

The best part will be whenever we make a huge pot/bowl/tray/container of something for a get-together, we won't have to store it in here and try to find our way around it all- they'll all be stashed downstairs!

 They didn't take many pictured of the entire master bedroom, and I wondered why, since the entire house was redone. From the left to the right is the door to the hall, a double closet, and what I thought was another closet....
 But instead of a closet, it was a bathroom, complete with shower! I will NEVER get interrupted again! Our current rental home has a single bathroom (and I act like that's a hardship, and I will be so happy when I can go in peace- especially since the bedroom door can be locked. Heh.
 Tiny, but private- just the way we like it!
 This is the bedroom next to the master bedroom. This sucker is going to be my new sewing/writing space!
 And yes, folks, there is a 'public' bathroom on the second floor also. The kids can get a bath or shower to their hearts content, without mom and her small bladder having to interrupt every ten seconds. And you thought it was the kids bothering me all the time!
 I think we need to get a shower curtain....maybe.
 This entire week my son was muttering..I can't wait to have a second bathroom! The surprise is, we actually have three- okay, two and a half. The third one is in the basement, where the realators apparently forgot to take pictures.
 This is the hallway on the third floor. I was surprised it was this big!
 I expected little dinky rooms, but they were almost as large as the ones on the second floor- and a lot more sunny! Even though this one looks shady, when we went in to look, it was like a sun room- my daughter claimed this one for herself. My son was going to complain (since he is older and claimed first pick), but then...
 MOM! This room looks just like the Titanic! The wood paneling sold him on this room in a half-heartbeat. Titanic is one of his focuses, and who am I to try to talk him out of anything? Especially when they chose their rooms without an argument?
 The best part about his room is there is a little pull-down staircase that goes into the attic. He's pretending it's part of the Titanic too. The attic is barely my husband's arm span, and will be perfect for those things we use rarely. The ladder needs replacing, but is usable.

Everyone has a closet, a decent amount of privacy, and the kitties will have a blast exploring once they get used to the space. We have enough room to entertain friends and family, and we are going to be getting rid of a LOT of stuff before the move.

There are a lot of kids just two blocks away. We know this because we've been looking in this area for two years, and these kid invited ours to come play with them while we looked at houses a year ago. My kids had a blast, for their new friends were not only friendly, but respectful and kind when my son explained his Aspergers to them. Now we get to be neighbors!

Two years ago we asked God for a house. We wanted a big, big house, with lots and lots of room. A big, big kitchen to make you lots of food. A big, big yard, where people come to chat. A quiet, shady street, where many kids are at! And after two long years (and learning how to listen to Him and be patient!), He finally gave us a house!

Inspections and settlement will happen within the next two months, and we should be in before November- a perfect time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We already know what we're thankful for, who needs gifts when you have the best house ever given to you by God?

God is good!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am very happy for you. From Patty H.

Stephanie Shott said...

WOW! What an awesome blessing! Congrats to you and your family! Praising Jesus with you! :-)

Unknown said...

Not sure why I never commented on this post when it first posted but I love your house and I am glad that the Lord provided it for you. It was a house that was meant for the Brubaker's! Many memories will happen in that home I am sure!

thea williams said...

Couldn't be happier for you, and I know why God gave you this blessing. It's because you patiently waited on His will, and are thankful for every little thing He gives you. You go, Girl!

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