Monday, August 27, 2012

Spiritual Clutter

 We are in the process of moving, and as I go through all the things we've collected for the past thirteen years (okay, it's mostly me that has been collecting), this got me to thinking. I felt so much better after getting rid of bags and bags of clutter, I wanted to do that with my heart too. I didn't just want to move, I wanted to move on.

Going through things helped me to see just how comfortable I became with clutter, even though I had to move around it to get anywhere in the house. Oh, I'm not as bad as those on those hoarding shows, but I definitely had potential of qualifying within a few years! At first I didn't want to let go of anything- especially when my husband stated he wanted to make a fresh start and not take anything. After my initial panic (or perhaps because of my initial panic) I realized I'd been holding on to too many things. 

And you know me, I never do anything half-baked. So I thought if I had to change one aspect of my life, maybe I needed to change more than my environment. I needed to change my heart.

But how on earth does someone change their heart? Habits yes, environment yes, but my heart? It wasn't really that bad, was it?

Looking into your own heart is harder than trying to toss out your cherished things. It's harder than climbing a mountain on roller skates. It's hard, because you know what's there, and it's hidden for a reason. Just like that box of stuff you stashed away 'just in case'. 'Just in case' never comes, so why would you hold on to all that junk?

It wasn't easy getting rid of things, but after the bags were out of the house, I felt like the elephant that was sitting on my shoulders like a pet bird had disappeared. The same thing needed to be applied to my heart. It will take longer to let go emotionally, but I know I'll feel better for it!

The unexpected twist of letting go is it changes you for the better. I've seen people happier after they finally forgive someone that's done them wrong, or let go of resentment of someone- even if that person isn't in their lives any longer. 

Letting go means no resentment or anger towards anyone in the past- just learning the lessons given and moving on with your life. 

Yes, I'll be taking a lot less stuff with me on the move. Yes, I'll be trying to establish better habits. But I'll also be looking into my heart and getting rid of the clutter there too. The last of the three might be the hardest, but would definitely be the most rewarding!


Donna Schultz said...

I so enjoyed reading this! We do accumulate so much junk and clutter over the years. Not only in our homes but in our hearts. Thanks for this reminder to do regular housecleaning in my heart!

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