Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Homemaker- The Household Warrior

Back in the fifties, the homemaker was a mandatory job whenever a woman married. She bore children, took care of the house, and made sure her husband was fed and taken care of. Homemakers became anathema during the sixties, and were looked down upon until the turn of the century. 

Now? It's a mixed bag of nuts- some people admire or envy us homemakers for what we do, and some look at us with disdain and contempt for 'wasting' our talents on home and family.

I don't see it as a waste of our God-given talents. We sacrifice when we have to, use our skills to make the most of what we do have, and spend our time in growing a family instead of a bank account. Does that sound wasteful to you?

But what about the money? I hear some ask. Don't you want to live better?

Money won't keep me company when I'm old, it doesn't help me lick the frosting off the beaters, and it certainly doesn't hug me when I'm feeling a bit run-down. Money doesn't love me back- that kind of love is a one-way street.

This is the essence of a Homemaker:


We are Household Warriors. We are the pretend monsters to test our children's bravery when they bear swords made of vacuum cleaner parts. We are the healers of Great Wounds made by rogue bicycles, falls, and renegade children. We are the feeders of the masses, pulling sweet and savory delights from the fiery ovens so that hungry mouths are sated and bellies are filled. 

Our battles are not just in the kitchen. We fight the everyday invasion of dust bunnies and their musty ilk, ward off Great Beasts like spiders and other creepy-crawlies- sometimes uttering battle-cries when one of them dares land on us. Don't let those shrieks fool you- that is the cry of a true Warrior; courage is when you face your biggest fears- Even if the critter is the size of a gnat.

Gifted with senses beyond the norm, we know when our children are in danger, and when they are the cause of the danger. We sense trouble in the silence, or when the tone of a cry changes from want to desperation of services needed. We can tell if an injury warrants a kiss or serious tending, and can usually render that tending if need be. We are the sleuths of Great Mysteries, and are able to define any item in the house, no matter how small. And we know who took the last cookie in the cookie jar.

I am a Homemaker, tried and true. I am blessed to be home for my husband and children, and blessed to be able to provide good nutrition for my family, keep the house in order, and still able to use my talents to bless others. Being a homemaker is a gift, and a greatly appreciated one.

I am a Homemaker. I am a Household Warrior. And when the kids go back to school, I am a woman who needs a nap!


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