Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Inspirated!

No, that's not a typo. Inspirated is a word that I made up, so I know it's spelled correctly. It comes from the word inspire which means 'breathed by God'.  Inspirated means 'breathed by God- when He's laughing'!

Speaking as a creative, semi-near famous artist/writer/homemaker, the word inspire is just too dang lofty of a word for me. My art isn't highfaluting, snobbish blobs of random color, or makes you consider the meaning of life- it's not that kind of art. No, my art is definitely more bouncy, fun, and makes you want to play with toys!

That, my friends, is why we need a word like inspirated- even the word itself sounds bouncy and fun!

Like Mary Poppins teaching the kids do clean the nursery- you find the fun, and turn it into a game! This is the core of what inspirated is- find the fun in everyday things, and make life more funner!

Work in a cubicle? Hide a pair of bunny slippers under there and slip off your shoes when you're at your desk. Get one of those dancing flower doohickeys that moves when you make noise, decorate your pens with fuzzy toppers or have a goofy little stuffed critter peeking over your computer screen- it doesn't matter- just find the fun!

Are you a homemaker? Get an old pair of fuzzy slippers and do what Laverne and Shirley did- put on some rocking music and splash some cleaner on the floor and shuffle dance! Sweep to the beat of a great song, or do lunging thrusts with the vacuum to the song 'Kung-Fu Fighting'- you'll feel a lot happier and Bonus!- the house gets clean too! Find that fun!

Are you a writer in a slump? Take one of your characters and put them in a ridiculous situation- have someone (or something) come crashing through the door and see how your characters react! Who knows, you might have just found a way to finish that story- even if you don't make that particular scene a part or your story! Find that fun and run with it!

Pinterest has great ideas for the creative mind- just look at some of the ideas on there and play with them in your mind, combining or reworking those ideas to create something new! Find the fun, and get Inspirated!

So what are you waiting for? Go find that fun!


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