Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Holiday?

Working people have holidays. Kids have holidays. But us at-home moms? Nope- not even close!

What do people do on the holidays? Do they relax? Sometimes. But most times people try to squeeze in as much activity as possible before they have to go back to work or school. And who is usually the one to organize, plan, prepare, and clean up after these so called 'fun events'? You guessed it.

Us moms.

'Hey mom, can I invite twenty-six friends over to play? And oh, I already told them you were okay with it- and that you'd make cookies'.


'Hey hon, let's have a few friends over for a cookout. I think almost everyone is has plans, but just in case they fall through I invited them anyway so no one gets left out. Do we have enough food for a hundred people?'


'Hey Mom! Remember when you said we could dog sit? Well so-and-so is going away this weekend and she has one hundred seventeen Great Danes she wants us to care for- she'll be over with a truck in ten minutes, because she's also having her house renovated while she's away. Isn't that great'?

 Or even better...

'Let's go camping! All we have to do is pack the entire house in the compact car, and eat half burned, half raw food over a fire and sleep with the mud and bugs for three days! Oh and don't forget we have to take the axe so we can chop the firewood!'

Vacation, my Aunt Fanny! All this on top of the regular house cleaning/cooking can drive a mom stark-raving bonkers. Vacations for moms are non-existent; we just appreciate the after holiday break when everything goes back to normal!

Listen up, family members! This is what a Mom's fantasy vacation is:

To go somewhere quiet where there's room service and a pool. Does it matter where? Nope- it can be at the summer display at Wal-Mart for all we care!

To go shopping at all those little interesting tourist shops without someone whining 'Can I have this?' every thirty seconds.

To read a book- uninterrupted.

To play games with the kids that doesn't involve us going into cardiac arrest. You tossed the ball five miles past me? You go get it!

And last but not least, let us moms wake up as God intended- not at three in the morning so we can go bungee jumping! (or to make you breakfast!)

That, dear husbands and children, is what most moms consider a vacation!

Okay, so I won't get a 'mom' vacation anytime soon- especially when the kids are out for the summer- but I can enjoy the quiet that comes after the chaos!

I hope you had an awesome Memorial Day! As for me? I have a house (and yard) to clean (after my nap!)


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