Monday, June 10, 2013

But You Said!

I hate having a bad memory.

It's not because I can't remember anything- it's nice to think I have a free day even when I don't- It's the fact that my kids keep telling me that I gave them permission to do things I don't remember saying they could do!

Then I hear those ill-fated words...'But you said, Mom! You said I could!'

I'm sorry, but I don't remember saying you could have ice cream for breakfast.
I don't remember saying that you could watch Netflix for four hours straight.
And I certainly don't remember giving permission for you to ignore all your chores and homework in favor of playing computer games until your eyeballs seize!

The problem is I have vague recollections of them asking me something when they came in from school, but I was too distracted and don't remember the topic, or if I actually did say yes or not.

So here's the new rule- You ask when my brain is not fully functional, the answer given can become null and void at anytime consciousness is regained. In other words, permission is a limited time offer. Take it while you can and accept that the verbal contract can be terminated the moment I see you doing something you shouldn't. Or not doing something you should.

And if you don't like it, go ask your dad. But he's biased and will side with me. So there.

Of course this backfires big time when I tell my husband something, and I forget. Like what I was going to make for dinner. Or that I was going to take care of something for him and didn't. A word to the wise, ladies- don't ever promise snuggle time, forget, and make other plans because you thought you had the night free. Egad, that one will get him to side with the kids sometimes!

Of course I can't really write that last one on my calendar, now can I? 'But honey, you said!'

One of these days I'll figure out how to remember everything. One day. Maybe. 

Um...what was I talking about again?


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