Monday, June 24, 2013


It is so not summer.
No stinking way!
Yet the kids are home, no buses have come for them, and the school isn't answering my calls.

It's can't be summer! Not yet! I'm not ready!

If someone were to ask me what state I lived in, I would definitely tell them...Denial.

But summer is here (I can tell by the cries of hunger and boredom from my offspring), and I feel like I was just season-jacked. Someone took the rest of spring and left me in the heat!

So many things were supposed to be done before summer:

Unpacking my sewing room. Nope. Okay, some of it was done, but not all of it...yet.
Schedules for the kids. What schedule? There was a schedule?!?
Family vacations. I laugh as I type this. We haven't had a real vacation since the honeymoon.
Day trips. Not even remotely thought of yet, but lucky for me these can be last minute.
Lunch ideas. No more grabbing whatever is in the fridge and eating it. Why? Because it was pretty much eaten as a snack by the kids before breakfast. So I either make something for all of us or I starve.
Get-togethers for the kids. I just found out they had five thousand numbers from school friends whom I have never met. And of course most of them will want to come here instead of the other way around. Because at-home moms don't do anything during the day. Phht.

The only things I can say have been (or are listed to be done) are picnics and birthdays. Two of them, maybe three. I think. I have to find my list first.

I'm not ready for summer. But God gave me a quick mind (when it works) and I will make sure that the kids are tossed outside on a regular basis, fed well on good food, and have enough friends visiting so they won't need therapy when they're older.

Of course that doesn't mean I won't need it when September rolls around!


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