Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Blessings

There were a lot of blessings this year. Probably more than 2013 of them, but I won't list that many because this is a blog, not War and Peace Part Deux. 

I'm blessed by God. He has surrounded me with people who have taught me a lot this year, and also made me think, laugh, and love much more deeply than I used to!

I'm blessed because we have a house. We also have a mortgage for the first time ever, but it's a true blessing because it isn't like rent- the payment will never go up and when we're done, we'll own this sucker.

I'm blessed with my husband. Fantastic guy that does way too much sometimes- Like paint the kitchen two days before we have more than thirty people over for a party. Or make pies in the wee hours of night (which is about 9:30 pm for us morning people) just because he wants to. 

I'm blessed with my kids. They voice their perspectives often, giving me a lot of my material for my book. I get unlimited hugs and occasional kisses (only on the cheek or forehead from my son, because he's saving himself for his future bride). My son is tall enough now to get the stuff that's too high, and my daughter is flexible enough to get the stuff I drop. 

I'm blessed for family and friends. Some have become both!

I'm blessed by my readers. Your feedback and uplifting comments really make my day, week, month and year!

Have a fantastic New Year- may it be a blessed one!


Unknown said...

Blessed indeed! Your words are often a blessing to me as well, a breath of fresh air in the dreary sameness of life.

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