Monday, January 6, 2014

When Wannabes Are Good

I'm a Wannabe.

I wannabe a great author.
I wanna be a millionaire!
I wannabe thinner and healthier.
I wannabe the best person I can be.

The term 'wannabe' usually refers to someone who is past their prime, and no longer able to get whatever it is they seek- for instance, I shall never be a ballerina; but luckily for me I was never shooting for that particular stardom. Rotund ballerinas with strands of platinum blond hair showing just can't compete with today's slender and more fit younger ladies- besides, there's no male dancer that has the strength to lift me (at least without some of those cable/pulley things attached!)
My tutu would be more like a fourfour.

No- The wannabes I want to talk about today are those that wannabe something great and are willing to work for it. The wannabes of today will be tomorrows game changers.

Oh yeah- I wannabe one of them!

The best part for me is I don't have to be young (at least in body), look a certain way or even act a certain way to become what God wants me to be- poet warriors and writers can look any way they want, as long as they have a pen in hand (or a mouse) and write well. 

If I work hard enough and use the gifts that God gave me (including a really big mouth), then I can achieve all four of those wannabe things!

I wannabe a great author. So what did I do? I read books. Books on how to write, my favorite authors, authors in similar writing genres, and all kinds of information on the Internet to help me get this goal started. I took notes, made some choices, and started writing.
Writing is key when you want to be an author, you know. Can't have a book done without it.

I wannabe a millionaire. Oh, doesn't everybody? But does everyone think like a millionaire? Nope. So I did research online and talked to people who knew how to manage money (and were in fact, millionaires), then worked on changing my mindset to one of millionaire status. 
One big thing I learned is that millionaires (at least the ones that worked for it and not just inherited it), used their money so it worked for them, not the other way around. They planned, budgeted, and sacrificed luxuries (yeah, that last one surprised me too!), so in the future, they would have financial security. 
If the first wannabe comes true, then the second might not be far behind! Yes I started late, but what I learn I teach my kids, so they will have a better start in the future. One benefit from that is they would be able to support themselves, and my husband and I can go to Disney for a month if we wanted to! No having to worry about silly things like 'inheritance' and all that jazz because they could support their own butts. 

I wannabe thinner and healthier. After a lot of research, I'm slowly changing our diets to include more fruits and veggies (much to the disdain of my teenage son, Hoover Vaccugulp), and lean meats. We've always eaten well (I'm a home cook and my husband is a natural chef), but I'd stretch out the food by adding bread, pasta and white rice to the meals. Not that that's bad, but it can be if had all the time. It's just filler- even if we use whole grains. It's better filler, but still filler, not something we need every single day.
I know I'll never be skinny- and I'm not sure I'll ever want to be skinny. But one hundred pounds off of my frame would be fantastic! Even one hundred fifty pounds off would be a reasonable goal, provided I don't need to lose it all by next week. Healthier, is by far the more preferred choice, and if the thinner comes along later, than more power to me!
Maybe I should also add fit to this list. Healthy isn't the same as fit, and I need to move more. So when I eat better and move more, the 'be thinner' should come along for the ride. At least I hope so!

I wannabe the best person I can be. To purge oneself from the part of their personality they can't stand isn't easy. In fact, it's impossible to eradicate all of the bad stuff. But there is nothing wrong with finding ways to duct tape those suckers to a chair, gag them, and threaten their little bad selves into hiding out until the next century. Nope, nothing at all wrong with that.
The Bible teaches about honor, integrity, faith, kindness, compassion, love and all that great good stuff we should be doing for our fellow man. I want to be someone remembered for her clean, fun sense of humor, and that I made people feel good- about themselves, their situations, and have a triumphant spirit to conquer whatever personal issues they have. All the while maintaining those good great things God gave us in our hearts.

Yes, I'm a Wannabe. Maybe you are too! After all, who wouldn't like to be a Wannabe too...right?


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